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Charlie Sheen

Ex-Girlfriend Files Suit Against Charlie Sheen

The controversial actor is allegedly being sued by another ex-girlfriend for exposure to HIV.

Charlie Sheen Says There Are More HIV-Positive Stars in Hollywood

The Hollywood superstar says there are plenty of A-listers who are also living with HIV in secret. 

Charlie Sheen Tweets "Take Trump Next" — Incites Anti-HIV Hysteria

Sheen's response to the parade of celebrity death brings out Trump's deplorables.

The Damage Done by Charlie Sheen Going Rogue

A teachable moment turned into a daytime disaster.

Charlie Sheen’s Failed Mission

Sheen says he “didn’t see it as Russian roulette.”

Charlie Sheen's HIV Quack Claims He's Cured Himself With Goat Milk

"Doctor" who injected himself with Charlie Sheen's blood claims he's HIV free because of milk from an arthritic goat. 

WATCH: Dr. Oz Scolds Charlie Sheen for Stopping Meds

The actor who came out as HIV positive tried some controversial methods to find a cure, which triggered skepticism from America's favorite TV doctor.

WATCH: Burt Reynolds Says Charlie Sheen ‘Deserves HIV’

The Deliverance actor has no feelings of sympathy for the former Two and a Half Men star.

Is There a 'Sheen Effect' Impacting HIV Testing and Prevention?

Whether you like him or not, Charlie Sheen has the ability to impact HIV prevention like no one else. 

The Charlie Sheen Moment You Probably Missed

An HIV activist dissects the actor's coming out interview.

Danny Pintauro Speaks Out About Charlie Sheen's Announcement

Just weeks after his own coming out, the former Who's the Boss? child star reflects on Charlie Sheen's anouncement.

An Open Letter from Charlie Sheen

'Like every other challenge in my life, again, I was victorious and kicking this disease’s ass,' writes Charlie Sheen, hours after telling the world he's HIV-positive.

BREAKING: Charlie Sheen Comes Out as HIV Positive

The actor said he has been forced to disclose his status because of a number of cases of extortion, amounting to millions of dollars.

Fact Checking the Media on Charlie Sheen and HIV

Charlie Sheen got it right, but the media really didn't.

Media Pundits Say Charlie Sheen Will Come Out & Disclose He Lives With HIV

News outlets from TMZ to the National Enquirer are reporting the Hollywood star is positive and will publicly come out tomorrow, but is it really any of your business?