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The Cure

The First Person Cured of AIDS Gets His Due

Palm Springs honors Timothy Ray Brown, the first person known to cured of HIV, with a permanent memorial.

HIV Cure: Latest Clues From Primates

A new study delves into how stem cell transplantation can kill the virus behind AIDS.

Man Cured of HIV Speaks Out

Paul Edmonds, the fifth person to be cured via a stem cell transplant, recently opened up about his experience.

First Woman 'Cured' of HIV Continues to Thrive

The “New York Patient” has gone 30 months without a trace of the virus.

Fifth Person Cured of HIV

A stem cell transplant effectively replaced the patient’s entire immune system, according to reports.

HIV Vaccine Hopes Dashed

The first Phase 3 trial for a potential HIV vaccine has ended in disappointment.

Biden Updates Plan to End HIV by 2030

On World AIDS Day this year, the White House released its new global strategy to end HIV/AIDS by 2030.

New DNA ‘Cutting’ Technology May Be a Path to HIV Cure

Here’s the latest on a genetic editing technique with the potential to permanently eliminate HIV from the body. 

Has a Woman Really Been "Cured" of HIV for the First Time Ever?

A woman is in HIV “remission” due to a rare and risky procedure but the White House's Dr. Anthony Fauci warns this method can't be “applied to the 36 million who are living with HIV.”

Can Elite HIV Controllers Finally Lead to a Cure?

Scientists are zeroing in on the DNA of people who can seemingly control HIV without treatment.

Could Covid Treatment Research Lead Us to an HIV Vaccine?

In developing a shot that blunts Covid-19, researchers may have also unlocked the science needed to finally develop a vaccine for HIV. 

Price Controls Could Slow the Race to an HIV Vaccine

Well-meaning legislation may have a chilling effect on a long-sought HIV cure.

Georgia Governor Touts AIDS 'Vaccine'

In trying to explain his COVID positions, Brian Kemp has repeatedly referenced an AIDS "vaccine."

HIV Vaccine Trial Launches at Oxford University

Another step closer to a decades-in-the-making vaccine.

We Need an HIV Vaccine. Here’s What You Can Do to Help

We must keep the momentum going.

HIV Vaccine Trial Shows 97 Percent Effectiveness in Humans

In a recent trial, a vaccine yielded success in nearly all participants, and it may be effective against other diseases.

CROI Takeaways: Game-Changing HIV Injectables and Hope for a Cure

This year's Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections offered findings that could change what it means to live with HIV.

Elite Controllers Could Hold Secret to HIV Cure, Vaccine

Elite controllers are people with HIV antibodies, but whose viral loads remain low.

Timothy Ray Brown, First Person 'Functionally Cured' of HIV, Has Died

Brown passed away from cancer at his home in Palm Springs, Calif.

As Berlin Patient Timothy Ray Brown Faces Death, a Great Love Endures

Brown, who doctors declared "functionally cured" of HIV, is spending his last days surrounded by love.