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Guest Voices

How I helped change the law that put me and other Black people with HIV behind bars

Reflecting on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, one individual's battle against outdated HIV laws and deep-seated stigma highlights the urgent need for change and compassion.

A Truvada Prescription Got This Guy Labeled a 'High-Risk Homosexual'

In his new memoir, High-Risk Homosexual, Edgar Gomez details the personal reckoning that came with being one of the first people on PrEP. Read an exclusive excerpt here.

Proposed 2018 Trump Budget Devastates STI Prevention Funding

The Trump administration will vastly reduce STI and HIV prevention efforts.

Op-ed: Why the Government is Ditching 'AIDS'

The federal government's HIV and AIDS information site,, is changing its name. Director Miguel Gomez explains why.

Op-Ed: Finding Family in the Latinx HIV Community

Like many HIV-positive Latinos, Daniel Garza didn't get the support he needed at home, but when he turned to an HIV service organization it saved his life.

Op-Ed: Dear Gay Men: We Need to Talk

Do you really think filtering out men who are poz — or black, fat, or trans — is merely a sexual preference?

Breaking the Silence, Breaking Out of the Violence

In honor of National Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV, one woman shares her own story about surviving and thriving.

Op-ed: How Decriminalizing Sex Work Fights HIV

Amnesty International is calling for the decriminialization of sex work. Here's why that decision is not only important for the fight against HIV but the result of a revolutionary process other organizations should follow.

Op-Ed: Obama's Plan Will Lead to the Eradication of HIV in this Country

The president's newest HIV strategy focuses in part of increasing use of PrEP. Here's why that's a good thing.

Op-ed: Michael Johnson Was Convicted on Evidence That Shouldn't Even Exist

Evidence used in his case was collected by a state health department after the practice was officially discontinued and it likely violated his right against self incrimination.


Op-ed: The Justice System Failed Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson was recently sentenced to 30 years for reportedly infecting a sexual partner with HIV. Here''s how the legal system failed him.

Can Activism Therapy Help People With HIV Find Happiness?

Sometimes it is speaking out for others that eventually gives us the to tools to speak up for ourselves.

Expanding the Love Bubble and Reducing Stigma Along the Way

VP Joe Stones, his partner Danny Nava, and more than 60 other Bank of America employees rode in the annual AIDS/LifeCycle, making them the largest corporate team again this year. 

Our Voices Matter: Why I am Running for Office

My campaign is about showing people that living with HIV in 2014 is not a death sentence. It is not something I am ashamed of, nor something I will back away from. It is part of who I am, and part of the unique life experience that makes me who I am — and makes me qualified to represent the whole community.

Is Potato Salad Really More Important Than AIDS Activism?

A Kickstarter project seeking $10 to make potato salad has earned $55,492, while one documenting people living with HIV or protesting for the rights of those with AIDS languishes. Is that fair?

Op-Ed: It's Time to End the FDA’s Discriminatory Blood Ban

The FDA currently has a maximum one-year ban in place on blood donations from men who have had sex with an HIV-positive woman or women who have had sex with HIV-positive men, but gay and bi men — even those who aren't sexually active — are banned for life.

Watch: Did the Cure for AIDS Die in MH17?

This special, extended HIV Plus Video Minute with Josh Robbins remembers HIV researchers and advocates lost in the Malaysian Airlines crash.

We're giving $458 Million Per Year to Nigeria?

Why is the U.S. sending over $450 million to Nigeria each year? Plus, The Body's doctor answers a weird question and the new dot HIV domain launching.