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Las Vegas Man Spreads Awareness with Story of Life-Saving Liver Transplant

In honor of Men's Health Week, Angelo Reyes, a dad living with hep B, shares his story in hopes of inspiring others to take their health more seriously.

Why Aren't More People With Hep C on PrEP?

HIV and hepatitis C are contracted in similar ways, leading researchers to wonder what more can be done to limit HIV in the hep C community.

Biktarvy Breakthrough: New Data Proves It's Effective for Those With Hep B & HIV

Recent research shows the popular HIV treatment drug is a safe and highly effective treatment option for those also living with hepatitis B.

HIV Activism and The Black Church Have a Rising Leader

The first female pastor of The New Springfield Missionary Baptist Church of Harlem reflects on prayer week, activism and why she's still fighting HIV stigma.

Dear Baby Boomers: Hep C Isn’t Your Fault, According to New Study

Medical practices, not lifestyle choices, are actually behind the generation’s high HCV rates, so now will you go get tested?