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I Am a Warrior

A Breakthrough For Folks Resistant To HIV Treatments

Can this drug help long-term survivors become undetectable while also improving their immune system?

Will The Needs Of Long-Term Survivors Be Heard?

Aging HIV-positive people were missing from IAS 2017 in Paris. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself in Amsterdam.  

Positive Ministry

This Texan found comfort in HIV ministry—and by switching meds. 


Half of People with HIV Could Develop Alzheimers

Cognitive problems are common in people living with HIV, and aging amplifies memory problems.

GMHC Launches Hub for Long-Term Survivors

The Hub is here to help long-term survivors navigate the headwinds of living with HIV.

WATCH: Long Term Survivors of HIV Speak Up About Their Legacies

Just in time for HIV Long Term Survivors Awareness Day, The Reunion Project has released a new video.

Everything You Need To Know About HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day

#HLTSAD2018 is today. It is a day to spotlight the present day needs and issues of those living longest with HIV and AIDS.

AIDS Activism Has Had Positive Effects

Twenty-eight years later, activists recall their time fighting the early AIDS epidemic as the “peak experience of their lives,” despite the burden of trauma.

Healthcare For Poz Trans People Is Under Attack

Countless of trans people depend on the Affordable Care Act, but our president doesn't seem to care. 

Is This the Pill For You?

The first single pill darunavir-based regimen retains viral suppression with fewer pills and less resistance.

This Trans Activist Is a Miracle Worker

This advocate rock star is dedicated to helping other transgender latina immigrants.

This Strong Man Is a Survivor

How one poz man rose above adversity and stigma to become a world champion athlete and inspiration.  

I AM A WARRIOR: Chris Wilson

When I started to ask questions, I started to advocate for myself.

They Gave Me 24 Hours To Live

13 years ago HIV activist Jeff "Positively Jeffrey" Newman was given 24 hours to live.

We Found Our Prince Charming in this Smart, Hunky, and Poz Activist

This Texas-bred boy-next-door won a gay reality dating competition — and the devotion of fans — by coming out as HIV-positive. Now he’s paying it forward.

New Vaccine Protects Against All Strains of HIV

Johnson and Johnson announced the first ever "global" vaccine proving to he 100 percent effective in achieving immunity against HIV. 

WATCH: Bass Player for Rock Band Styx Talks Being Gay and Poz

Chuck Panozzo bassist of legendary rock band Styx tells his story.

You Can Lower Your Cholesterol by Switching to These Meds

A study out of Spain shows that by switching from ritonavir to cobicistat can improv cholesteral and triglyceride levels. 


To come out as gay, and to later to come out as HIV-positive and to still have the love and support of my family makes me a warrior.

I AM A WARRIOR: Eric Leonardos

Treatment for HIV is improving every single day