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This OnlyFans Star Is Trying to Raise $100K to Fight HIV

Kyle Krieger will be devoting some of his OF proceeds to AIDS/LifeCycle 2024.

FDA Relaxes Blood Donor Restrictions for Gay & Bi Men and Trans Women

The new donation guidelines shift the focus to risk factors rather than one's sexual or gender identity. 

Is the Military's Ban on HIV-Positive Recruits Finally Going Down?

Advocates call the current policy discriminatory and "a serious equity issue" and are suing to end it.

Monkeypox: Gay Men Should Reduce Sexual Partners, Advises WHO

The World Health Organization reports that 98 percent of confirmed cases are among men who have sex with men.

Monkeypox Declared a Global Health Emergency, WHO Announces

There have been almost 17,000 cases confirmed globally across more than 70 countries, with many cases among gay and bi men. 

FDA Approves First Condom Designed for Anal Sex

A study showed that the condoms had a failure rate of less than 1 percent during anal sex.

Could Covid Treatment Research Lead Us to an HIV Vaccine?

In developing a shot that blunts Covid-19, researchers may have also unlocked the science needed to finally develop a vaccine for HIV. 

GOP Senator: Fauci 'Overhyped' Both COVID and AIDS

Wisconsin's Ron Johnson (pictured) made the remarks during an appearance on a Fox News anchor's podcast on World AIDS Day. 

A Scholarship for People Living With HIV Turns Dreams Into Reality

The HIV League helps students transcend their diagnosis.

Study: HIV Linked to Increased Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

Heart disease risk factors such as smoking or having high blood pressure increased the risk even further in those with HIV. 

Carl Bean, HIV Activist Who Inspired Gaga's 'Born This Way,' Has Died

Bean was a minister, gospel singer, and longtime supporter of LGBTQ+ and HIV causes.

Billy Porter to Be Honored by Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

Porter will join other honorees, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, for the event later this month.

Study: Combining PrEP With U=U Yields Incredible Results

The study came from a clinic based in the heart of London's gay scene. 

HIV Vaccine Trial Fails, Study Canceled

Johnson & Johnson's attempted vaccine didn't have the efficacy necessary for the study to continue. 

Questions, Allegations After Black AIDS Institute CEO Pushed Out

Raniyah Copeland, who succeeded longtime leader Phill Wilson, served less than a year in her position.


HIV Activists Strategize With House Members on COVID, Criminalization

A meeting this week allowed LGBTQ+ and HIV groups to hear from their representatives in Congress. 

Report: Less Than Half of Americans Understand HIV

Only 42 percent of respondents in the survey knew HIV wasn't transmissible when properly treated. 

This Region Has the Highest HIV-Related Death Rate in U.S.

The study also found that nine states accounted for 44 percent of new HIV diagnoses in 2019.

Do People With HIV Develop Gut Leakiness With Long COVID?

A researcher is investigating the potential connections among HIV, digestive issues, and severe cases of COVID.

Would You Take an HIV Test at Home?

An LGBTQ+ organization plans to distribute thousands of testing kits.