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The Teenage Stigma Warrior

Meet the 16-year-old who wants to rid the world of HIV stigma.

Egypt's Ridiculous New "Cure" for AIDS and Hep C

The Egyptian military seems to think a handheld metal device can diagnose and cure AIDS, but actual scientists only scoff at the idea.

100 Tests in 12 Hours in Texas, And Other National HIV Test Day Events in U.S.

Free testing is happening everywhere from San Antonio to New York's Times Square. Here's a few events you can still hit up.

WATCH: Cheeky Video Explains PEP with Pizzazz

This adorable animated video about PEP will bring you back to your Schoolhouse Rock days.

WATCH: Katie Couric Gets a Crash Course HIV

In this great video, two HIV-positive leaders drop in on the talk show host, chatting about everything from Donald Sterling's attack on Magic Johnson to the escalating rates of HIV among young African Americans.

New Single Tablet Treatment for HIV is On The Way

The new two-drug, single tablet treatment could serve as an appealing alternative to the current three-drug therapy standard.

New Research Shows Creating HIV Resistant Cells May Be Possible

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have developed a method to create HIV-resistant stem cells that may lead to personalized gene therapy.

In New Film 'Test,' a Dancer Confronts the Early AIDS Crisis

Chris Mason Johnson, writer and director of Test, talks dancing, storytelling, and picking the perfect '80s soundtrack.