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How Drugs Make It From The Lab to Your Medicine Cabinet

Here's an easy to understand tour of the complex process of pharmacology.

ACTUP Commemorates 30th Year with March, Rally, Memorial

The group formed to fight indifference and opposition to proper care for people living with HIV and AIDS in 1987 is rededicating itself to fighting President Donald Trump's policies.

Journalist Cancels Appearance on Bill Maher Because of Milo

HBO had to find someone else for its live panel discussion tonight after Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept backed out, over his objection to the booking of the controversial out Breitbart editor. 

What Will Repealing ObamaCare Mean for HIV-Positive Americans?

"Any kind of interruption in care is going to result in more cases of HIV," predicts John Peller of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

New Survey of Transgender Americans Paints Grim Picture

The latest survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality showed little or no improvement in terms of transgender people’s day-to-day experiences with bias since 2008.

Kevin Spacey Blasts Donald Trump at AmFAR Benefit

The House of Cards star, famous for his impressions of Johnny Carson, Jack Lemon among others, took on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

A Broken Criminal Justice System Fails LGBT Americans

The Center for American Progress found unjustice at every turn for LGBT people, from their first brush with the law to life behind bars, and beyond, if they survive.

Charlie Sheen’s Failed Mission

Sheen says he “didn’t see it as Russian roulette.”


Which Antigay Republican Lawmaker Is on Grindr?

An editor at a gay website reported a Republican politician in Virginia with an anti-LGBT voting record is a Grindr user, but stopped short of revealing his name. 

WATCH: Dr. Oz Scolds Charlie Sheen for Stopping Meds

The actor who came out as HIV positive tried some controversial methods to find a cure, which triggered skepticism from America's favorite TV doctor.

Health Official Denounces 'Injustice' as Racial Gap Among Positive Men Widens

Although the overall number of new cases of HIV has fallen in the United States, black and Latino gay and bi men continue to see a rise.

STUDY: One in Three Young Gay Men Have HIV Here, Dating Apps Partly to Blame

The report from UNICEF found smartphone dating apps used by young gay men have become a major factor in the increasing rates of HIV among teenagers in Asia.

Breaking: One in Four Gay and Bisexual Men Should Be on PrEP

A a big push is under way to get more people on treatment to prevent HIV.

Martin Shkreli's Turing Pharmaceuticals Will Cut Price-Gouged Drug Cost in Half (For Some)

A report says Martin Shkreli's Turing Pharmaceuticals will 'roll back' the price of a lifesaving treatment for people living with HIV — but only for hospitals.

Who's Funding Obama's Ambitious HIV Prevention Plan?

The president's plan to fight HIV has raised eyebrows, mostly because nobody knows how it'll be funded.


Indiana Subway Sued for Firing HIV-Positive Employee

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says the franchise in Sheridan, Ind. fired the employee after he told his boss that he is HIV-positive.

Singapore Eases Travel Ban on Foreigners with HIV

It can be tricky for travelers who are HIV positive, especially those visiting nations where fear has led to draconian laws. Some countries, however, are easing their restrictions.

Does Hatred of Gay and Bi Men Put Them at Higher Risk for HIV?

A European study found that guys in the least tolerant countries were at the greatest risk of HIV infection.

White House Unveils New HIV Strategy

The Obama administration gave Plus and The Advocate sneak peek at its proposal for battling HIV over the next five years.

Democrats Turn on Obama, Kill Trade Deal That Would Have Raised HIV Rates, Partnered With Antigay Countries

House Democrats rebuffed a direct personal appeal by President Obama for his controversial trade deal that would align the U.S. with Malaysia and Brunei, a country where rape victims and gays can be stoned to death.