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Reverend Andrena Ingram is #14 of Our 75 Most Amazing HIV-Positive People of 2016

She beat additiction and became a minister: now she wants to make sure long-term survivors like her aren't 'the forgotten ones.'

An HIV Vaccine Gets a Booster — And Renewed Interest

A potential HIV vaccine gets a helping hand.

#30 of Our Most Amazing HIV-Positive People of 2016: Naimah O'Neal

24 years ago this heterosexual black woman wasn't the typical HIV-positive person; that's what's made her such an effective advocate. 

#45 of Our Most Amazing HIV-Positive People 2016: Teresa Sullivan

She fights for prisoner rights and healthcare access. 

Which HIV Medications Cost the Most?

Is your HIV medication right for you? Is it right for your wallet?

Over 70% of Adults Think Hetero Anal Sex Has Low HIV Risk

Anal sex is on the rise in terms of popularity, but many Americans seem to believe that this is a safe way to avoid sexually transmitted infections.

Meningitis Outbreak in California Raises Fears Among Gay and Bi Men

A new outbreak of meningitis has raised concern that a new epidemic is facing gay and bisexual men.

VIDEO: Woman Hits Man With Car After His HIV Disclosure

New details have been released by Arizona officials about a woman who attacked her boyfriend with a car after she learned that he was HIV-positive.

Grateful Dead Tribute Album Could Break HIV Fundraising Records

The 5-hour, 59-track album features artists from Mumford & Sons to Wilco, and Courtney Barnett to The National.

Florida Congressional Candidate Comes Out HIV Positive

Democrat Bob Poe officially comes out, tells constituents he's been living with HIV for 18 years.

The Internet Rushes to Blame the Horror in Orlando on People With HIV

As many reeled from the mass killing at a Florida LGBT nightclub, ignorance on Twitter bubbled up again.

WATCH: Half Naked Broadway Bares Highlights

Did you miss the 2015 fundraiser meets burlesque show? Check out these highlights from previous seasons!

World Health Organization's New Safer Sex Guidelines Around Zika

Now that the Zika virus has hit 47 states in the U.S., the WHO wants you to think long and hard about using a condom or getting pregnant.

California Governor Signs Historic HIV Bill

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that could save the lives of some people living with HIV.

Scientists Discover a New Route to a Vaccine

Do fusion peptides hold the potential for vaccine development? 

Trans Women Don't Need Another Hero

Working with street educated trans women around HIV and health issues taught me more about life, survival, and feminism than my entire college degree.

Zika Fears Swell Amid Confirmation of Sexual Transmission

How worried should you be, now that Zika is stateside?  We find out.

Vaccine Breakthrough: First 24 Hours of HIV Infection Could Be The Key

New study on monkeys shows HIV is at its weakest right after transmission.

Ladies, Put a Ring on It

Study suggests that use of an insertable vaginal ring can prevent HIV infection for some women. 

#69 of Our Most Amazing HIV-Positive People of 2016: Arianna Lint

This Peruvian refugee came to the U.S. for safety and is now a powerful voice for transgender Latinas.