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Florida Congressional Candidate Comes Out HIV Positive


Democrat Bob Poe officially comes out, tells constituents he's been living with HIV for 18 years.

The former head of Florida's Democratic party and current candidate in the state's 10th congressional district, came out on his campaign's Facebook page with a brief, yet powerful video. Watch below, as Poe explains why he's through being in the closet.

Poe's decision to come out is due to a chance encounter he had with a woman who'd recently discovered that she has HIV. The politician recounts his meeting with "Linda" in the video, and explains how the experience changed his perception on his status. 

"Linda told me that she had been recently diagnosed with HIV and she thought she had a death sentence. I told her that she didn't, and I even shared with her where she could go to get the resources that she needed."

Overcoming the very stigma the woman he met was crushed by, Poe has opted to go from silence to telling the world about his status. While talking with CNN on Saturday, Poe told the news organization that he planned on hosting an event this upcoming week to raise awareness for those living with HIV.

Since the mass shooting in southern Florida, Poe has postponed the event, lowered his flag to half-mast, and sent his prayers to the survivors.

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