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This Holiday Season, Focus on Do's Instead of Don'ts

How about approaching the holidays with an open mind, open to possibilities and joy? Here's how to move from "I hope I don't" to "I hope I do."  

Closure—Why You Want It and What Wanting It Does to You

It is human to want some finality, but it's not always healthy.

Mental Health Crisis Line 988 Now Available

The new 988 line is a lifesaving leap forward for mental health. Get familiar with it and pass it along!

Whether You're on Good or Bad Terms with Your Folks, Acceptance is Key

Good thoughts and memories about your parents or not so good? Read Dr. Gary's tips on coming to acceptance.  

Anger Is Toxic, Especially for Those Living With HIV

Our wellness expert details the price we pay when we obsess over the (bad) behavior of others, and how to move past the fury monster.

Ready to Do Some Spring Cleaning? It’s Never Too Late, or Too Early!

Maybe it's time to think about doing some spring cleaning, starting with sprucing up your approach to your emotional wellness.

So It's a New Year. Now What?

Let's face it, 2021 wasn't an easy year, to say the least. So how about shifting your perspective toward being kinder to yourself, with an eye toward what's possible in the year ahead?

Were the Holidays Joyful or Draining for You? Here's How to Recharge

Our resident wellness doc gives some great tips on how to reclaim your joy in the new year.

When Anger Turns Into Abuse

Does your partner’s irritability go to a darker place at times? Here’s how to recognize abusive behavior and take the next step.

11 Tips for Tackling Suicidal Thoughts

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month; the perfect time to talk about self-harming thoughts and how to cope.

How to Be Okay on Those Days When Things Don’t Feel Okay

Just not feeling it today? On a day like that, it's easy to fall into questioning your life and your happiness. Here's help.

Anxious About COVID-19 Reentry? Here’s How to Cope

The light at the end of the long, dark COVID-19 tunnel has appeared, ushered in by the vaccine. But what are we returning to?

Is Your Doctor Talking to You or Clicking at You?

How to get comfortable with 21st-century bedside manner.

Your Mental Health: How to Know If You Need Help

May is National Mental Health Month — how about spending a moment contemplating your own mental health?

How to Stop Work From Working Your Last Nerve

Whether you hunker down at a laptop, or show up physically at your job, work can be a big contributor to life stress. Here's help.

Spring Fever: Lessons for Getting Back Into Online Dating

COVID vaccines and warmer weather may have you rushing back to Tinder or Hinge. Here's how not to lose your head.

Ready to Be Kinder to Yourself? 10 Steps to Self-Compassion

Constantly indulging that inner voice of self-criticism can have a negative impact on your emotional wellness.

8 Easy Steps to Find Your Inspiration

Feeiling motivated has a positive impact on your emotional wellness.

Worried? 8 Steps to Taming Anxious Thoughts

We're living in uncertain times, but you can remain calm through the storms.

Are Your Mind and Body in Sync?

If you're living with HIV, knowing how your body, mind, and spirit work together can have a positive impact on your overall wellness.