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Study Shows HIV Can Be Eliminated In Mice

Now the larger question is: Will a cure for humans be far behind?

Donald Trump Makes Another Promise to End HIV

He reiterated a plan he unrolled at the State of the Union this year, but is it still realistic? 

Kenyan Author, LGBTQ Activist Binyavanga Wainaina Dead at 48

The writer came out in 2014 and fought for equality throughout Africa.

To Battle Stigma, Out Rep. Brian Sims Goes Public on His PrEP Use

The Pennsylvania lawmaker said the LGBTQ community must not allow shame to sully the HIV preventative.

CDC: More Than a Third of Active Gay, Bi Men Use PrEP

Use of the drug jumped six-fold from 2012 to 2017, but officials still want more people on PrEP.

Trump Threatens HIV Research to Satisfy Pro-Life Extremists

Trump's health officials could cut off funding for a California university that has pioneered HIV treatment for decades. 

United States Global AIDS Initiative In Africa Finally Funded

The House finally reauthorized the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, (PEPFAR); the initiative's future seemed uncertain under Trump.

HIV Time Traveler

In her latest film, Virginia Madsen plays a mother whose closeted gay son comes home to let the family know he’s dying from AIDS complications.

Why We Still Need Movies About HIV

Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen talks to us about 1985, her new movie that depicts some of the darkest days of the crisis.

HIV Panic in Florida Is Turning Into a Health Catastrophe

Transmission rates are higher than any other state, and bias-based laws are likely making things worse.

Florida Initiative Hopes to Reverse HIV Crime Laws & Stigma

Despite Florida having more newly diagnosed cases than any other state, HIV persecution lingers within the community. But one initiatve is trying to change that. 

17 Monsters Who Came Out of the Closet

Film, literature, and fiction has several notable supernatural LGBT characters who lived and loved openly.

16 Monsters in the Closet

Myths, movies, and fiction are filled with characters who are thinly veiled representations of LGBT and HIV-positive people.