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Everyone With HIV Needs to Know About 'Prior Authorization'

The practice complicates getting meds during a time when it's already difficult.

People Living With HIV Need a Safe Way to Access Services During COVID

The novel coronavirus is not going away anytime soon, so we need some solid plans.

Dear Researchers: Fewer Side Effects Please

Will we ever see HIV treatments with fewer long-term impacts? 

HIV-Positive People: It's Time To Talk About Diarrhea

It may be embarrassing to talk about, but people with HIV still experience bowel problems — way more than doctors expect.

HIV Drugs With Fewer Side Effects Need More FDA Support

New medicines providing a better quality of life should always be top priority when asking for federal support. 

Yes, People With HIV Still Have Diarrhea

Due to underreporting, HIV specialists often believe diarrhea is disappearing among poz folks. It's not. 

STUDY: Probiotic Could Help Prevent Disorders in People With HIV

Microbiome research proving vital for people living with HIV, as researchers learn probiotic may help decrease HIV neurocognitive degeneration.

Can Probiotics Actually Slow the Progression of HIV?

New studies will examine whether probiotics can counter the impact of stomach bacteria on HIV.

Weight Watchers

Wasting isn’t the same scourge but weight loss with HIV is still an issue.

Can a Cancer-Fighting Drug Hunt Down Dormant HIV?

A cancer-fighting drug may offer a new route to treat HIV and flush it out of hiding.

World AIDS Day: Up to 17% of HIV-Positive People Need an HIV Drug Still Not Approved

As HIV-positive people are living longer and with longer, increasingly complex treatment histories, as well as the rise of transmitted drug resistance, an increasing number of people are running out of options for a drug regimen capable of suppressing their virus. They are in dire need of advocacy to secure viable drug treatment options.