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Dianne Feinstein’s Commitment to People Living With HIV Won’t Be Forgotten

The long-serving senator and former San Francisco mayor leaves behind an enormous legacy, especially her early devotion to AIDS causes.

GOP Targets PEPFAR, a Bush-Era Program That Saved Millions

After going after marriage equality, trans rights, and abortion services, Republicans take aim at a pivotal HIV program.

Dr. Fauci Will Soon Be Stepping Down as America's Doctor

Fauci previously said he would retire from federal government before Biden's first term is up. Now we know when.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Wants Us to Know He’s Not Retiring

Though he'll likely leave the federal government by 2025, he vows to continue his over 40 year mission to end HIV. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monkeypox and Where the U.S. Stands

Fauci says the government is racing to deliver more vaccines and treatment options, and warn gay men about the dangers without prompting stigmatization.

Why Baseball's Glenn Burke is Still Important to HIV History

Once labeled the next Mickey Mantle, Burke died penniless of AIDS complications. But his story still needs to be told. 

40 Years Later, Dr. Fauci Reflects on the First Reports of AIDS

Before COVID, Fauci — and America — encountered a very different pandemic.

What Rush Limbaugh Said About HIV-Positive People Is Unforgivable

We don't recall Limbaugh speaking too kindly of those who died of AIDS complications. So let us return the favor.

Tommy Lasorda's Legacy Is Tainted by His HIV Shame

The sports legend insisted his gay son did not die from HIV complications when all evidence suggests otherwise.

Queer as Folk's HIV Legacy, 20 Years Later

Robert Gant reflects on how the show changed perceptions around gay love and people living with HIV.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on COVID, HIV, and Being an 'Alarmist'

America’s doctor, who fought HIV in the ’80s and is now battling COVID-19, discusses viruses then and now for our digital cover story.

How '80s-Era HIV Contact Tracing Can Help Kill COVID

Dr. Michael Osterholm, who started the first contact tracing program for HIV in 1985, on what needs to be done now.

'I Tested Positive:' A Horrible Flashback for HIV Survivors

An oft-repeated sentence is triggering infinite pain.