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The Top 50 Causes of Death in America

Most likely your heart, not your HIV, will kill you.

Fatal Fentanyl: What to Know About The Drug That Killed Prince

The pain reliever is 50 times more potent than morphine, which is why it's been dubbed heroin's deadly cousin. 

How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health

From heart attacks to the plauge, diseases adversely affected by heat, extreme weather events, and pollution should see the biggest increases.

25 Juices and Smoothies With More Sugar Than a Coca-Cola

That healthy treat of yours may be anything but.

The City in Every State With the Cheapest Rent

This list doesn't factor in other issues (like anti-discrimination ordinances and access to healthcare), but it's a handy guide to where living is the least expensive.

AIDS Past and Present

Funding is up, lives are extended, and rates are down, but there's more news on HIV and AIDS from Health Grove.