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Why a Healthy Diet is Vital for People Living with HIV

Healthy eating habits are important for everyone — but especially those living with HIV, according to the latest data.

Is the Keto Diet Safe for People With HIV?

The jury is still out.

Many Living with HIV Have Limited Access to Food

Hidden beneath the shiny landscape of single-pill regimes and ever increasing lifespans, insufficient food access torments those living with HIV. 

Starving for Love

Gay and bi men, bi women, and trans people all have higher rates of eating disorders. How do we stop that?

Should You Go Gluten Free?

For people who need it, gluten-free is more than the latest food fad. For those who don’t, it’s just money down the drain.

A Better Way to Eat on the Run

Missing meals? Not getting enough nutrients? Try these delicious vegan meal replacement powders.

The Cocktail Cure

Sometimes alcohol is the solution.

7 Reasons to Get You Drinking Coffee

Science is on your side.

25 Juices and Smoothies With More Sugar Than a Coca-Cola

That healthy treat of yours may be anything but.

Weight Watchers

Wasting isn’t the same scourge but weight loss with HIV is still an issue.

Even When You're Undetectable, Diet and Exercise Is Still Important

Two new studies suggest that weight gain can cause additional problems for people living with HIV.

World Health Organization: Red, Processed Meat Causes Cancer

WHO has declared once and for all that consuming processed meats increases your risk of cancer—and the meat industry isn't happy about it.

WATCH: Will We Still Eat Meat In the Future?

The Atlantic explores a world where protein comes from a lab.

HIV Makes You Tipsy Faster

New data indicate that your HIV may be contributing more to your buzz than you imagined.

Houston's Top Chefs Offer Up Dine Out for Life Recipes

On April 30, you can go eat at any of the restaurants nationwide who are participating in the annual HIV charity fundraiser. Then take home one of these recipes from some of our favorite Texas chefs.

19 Common Foods That Will Kill You

Protein shakes and deli meat and fro yo — oh my!

Why You Should Make That Starbucks Run

A new study says you should drink a cuppa joe for your health.