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Has Barebacking Become Basic?

In the age of PrEP and U=U, is condomless sex still a radical act or just an average Tuesday?

The GOP Is Targeting People With HIV. Imagine if They Had More Power

The far right’s move to restrict PrEP access in Texas will only hurt the Latinx community — and eventually, everyone. We must act at the polls.

For Many Gay Men, PrEP Is Everything While Undetectable Is Not Enough

National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a good time to question why the community isn't utilizing a holistic approach against the epidemic.

Listen to the Lessons of a Long-term Survivor of HIV

Phill Wilson on living through dual pandemics.

The Upside of Being Undetectable During a Pandemic

Living through COVID-19 is a different experience for people living with HIV.

Simple Life Lessons for Those Newly Diagnosed With HIV

Dial down the guilt and embrace self-reflection and change, writes Tyler Curry.

Is HIV Urging Me to Seek the Fountain of Youth?

I may only be 36, but the pressure of turning to medical interventions to look younger is already immense.

There Is Really Only One Way To End HIV

You can’t erase stigma without investigating the root of it. 

It's Not Crazy For Poz Folks To Be Hypochondriacs... Is It?

Could hyper vigilance about my health save my life? Or just drive me and my doctor mad?

It's Time to Adopt A New Attitude About Living With HIV

Having HIV doesn’t need to get in the way of your dreams, including building a family.

You Don't Need To Escape HIV

Shame has no place here, so let it go in 2019. 

How To Silence The HIV Stigma In Your Head

We all have that voice in our head telling us we’re not good enough — I say, tell them to F***  off.

Positively Empowered

You can’t change your status, but you can change how you live your life with it.

Heartbreak and Alcohol Led me to HIV

My romance crumbled in South Korea and drowning my sorrows stateside put me at risk.

How an Injectable HIV Treatment Could Save Lives

Taking daily medication takes more than a pill box, it  takes a commitment that some  are not capable of making.


Finding Love Again After a Husband Dies of AIDS Complications

Shawndell Finney discovered she had HIV two weeks after her husband was hospitalized. Her life has been a journey ever since.

When Should We Talk about HIV During Dating?

As gay men, we’re still too reluctant to talk about HIV and that needs to change.

Treatment as Prevention

One busy HIV-positive executive tells us why staying on his regimen is important not only to his health but that of everyone else in his life.

How Treatment as Prevention Ended One Man's Fear and Shame

One HIV-positive man finds something deeply profound and very personal about the findings of two recent treatment studies