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Scarlet fever: exploring our fascination with blood

A new art exhibit examines long-held fears of violence, illness, and even menstruation.

Black Canadians at Higher Risk of Death From HIV & Cancer

New research shows structural racism and limited education remain a predominant factor in such disparities.

American Students Study Abroad With a Focus on HIV in Israel

12 students traveled to the country to experience and reflect on disparities in HIV care in the area.

Meet the 2022-2023 Pedro Zamora Scholars

Gilead is helping support the latest group of young people who continue to carry the torch for the late HIV activist.

Watch Miss Tina Knowles-Lawson Speak on How HIV Affected Her Family

The mother of Beyoncé and Solange lost her best friend to the disease and it affected her like "no other loss." 

LGBT Students May Not PROSPER Under Act

Congress is currently considering the PROSPER Act, which could have a negative impact on LGTB students.

As Sex Trafficking Surges, A City Tries 'John School' To Reduce Demand

Sex workers have the highest rates of STIs and HIV, can education help stem the tide?

Meet the Curator of the History of AIDS

Ed Sparan runs The World AIDS Museum — the only one in the world — and dreams of expansion.

Does Your Partner Need to be Educated About HIV?

Is your partner at a loss for knowing how to support you? Take them with you to your doctor's appointment. The two of you could benefit from a sit-down with your physician. Here's how to make that happen.   

New Bill Limit Student Access To Evidence-Based Sex Ed

The bill may end up leaving many kids out of sex ed.

New Study Urges Schools to Teach Kids About PrEP

The Scottish report is helping to maintain the country’s current lead as one of the most progressive in the U.K.

Discover the Hidden World Inside HIV

Researchers were able to peer deep inside the virus and assess its strengths and vulnerabilities, which may one day lead to its demise. 

First Gay Man Named Dean of the Rutgers School of Public Health

The new dean of the Rutgers School of Public Health sits with Plus to discuss the future of HIV research and what it means to be an out and proud gay leader in higher education. 

Love, Sex, and HIV In the Age of Grindr

Popular apps, such as GrindR, have made it easy to have sex. They’ve also allowed us to act in uncivil ways towards each other and ourselves.

'When We Rise': A Love Letter to LGBT Activism

How Dustin Lance Black, a group of queer and trans folks, and a bevy of A-list actors made a groundbreaking miniseries that’s a love letter to San Francisco, a journey through 40 years of LGBT struggles, and a contemporary call to arms.

California Governor Signs Landmark PrEP Education Bill

Co-sponsored by Los Angeles LGBT Center and APLA Health, the new law 
ensures PrEP education is provided during HIV test counseling

Hey, Young HIV Leader: We've Got a Scholarship for You!

The Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship Program, which is accepting applications now, supports education of young people dedicated to leadership in the HIV field. 

Gay Sex Ed: An Intro to Safe Anal Sex

How to have safer, healthier — and hotter — anal sex.

Six Days Left to Help HIV-Positive Grade Schooler Get Accurate Textbooks

Having discovered that her children’s elementary school was using decades old HIV and AIDS learning materials, a Washington woman has vowed to update them herself.