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‘Ozempic babies’: Reports of surprise pregnancies raise new questions about weight loss drugs

The joy some experience in discovering pregnancies may come with anxiety about the unknowns, as these medicines haven't been studied in people who are pregnant

Justice Dept plans to reschedule marijuana as a lower-risk drug

The historic move acknowledges the medical benefits of the drug and carries broad implications.

Plus155 July/Aug: The Treatment Issue & Activist Mark S. King

In this issue, we bring you all the latest info about HIV treatment and prevention, and celebrate author and longtime HIV activist Mark S. King.

Ozempic May Also Boost Cancer-Fighting Cells

Ozempic, as well as Wegovy, are now thought to help with obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

HIV Medication Could Slow Dementia

The drug clears toxic brain proteins and had positive results in mice.

Ozempic 411: For Weight Loss, Diabetes, or Both?

The drug has become a pop culture darling after its weight loss potential was promoted on social media.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Accused of Discrimination by HIV Advocates

The groups say the insurance company is unjustly cranking up the prices of HIV meds. 

New Data from Gilead Continues to Prove Biktarvy's Many Benefits

The drug company revealed promising long-term data at the 2022 Glasgow HIV conference, including news on cure development.

Man Charged With Running $230 Million Fake HIV Drug Ring Out on Bail

Lazaro Hernandez is facing 100 years in jail, but a judge released him just in time for the holiday weekend.

Florida Man Indicted for Running $230 Million HIV Drug Ring

Authorities say the man faces 100 years in prison for allegedly selling altered, repackaged HIV medications to unsuspecting pharmacies.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Injectable PrEP Option

The FDA approved this long-acting HIV prophylaxis late last year.

Gilead: Two of Our HIV Drugs Were Tampered With

The biopharmaceutical company said it was working with authorities to remove the affected bottles from circulation. 

U.S. Insurance Companies Must Now Cover PrEP With No Cost-Sharing

The Biden administration has directed the companies to not charge copays or deductibles for medicine, labs, or office visits.

Did Researchers Uncover a Functional HIV Cure?

A new treatment in very early stages of review by the Food and Drug Administration found success in one individual.

How a Pharmacy Merger Will Help People Living With HIV

A national HIV-focused pharmacy is combining resources with three other companies that offer meds to underserved communities.

Thousands in Texas at Risk of Losing Access to Critical HIV Meds

While officials struggle to replenish an enormous budget deficit worsened by the pandemic, the health of thousands of people living with HIV hangs in the balance.

Foreign Drug Pricing Puts America's Most Vulnerable Patients Last

A proposed bill could have devastating effects for anyone on medication, including people living with HIV.

Trump's Parting Shot at People With HIV

President Biden must rescind a last-minute Trump rule that could leave people with HIV on the hook for thousands in prescription costs.

Marijuana May Help Prevent COVID-Related Respiratory Distress

A new study finds hope in sativa strains of cannabis.

Pair of HIV Drugs Show No Benefit for COVID-19 Patients

Scientists found no improvement in the recovery or death rate of patients given the drug combo.