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New York's plan to stop STIs

The city wants doctors to prescribe a preventative drug that can stop diseases like syphilis.

Is This Enema The Next PrEP?

A PrEP and PEP enema — paired with the right lubricant — could provide post-sex HIV-prevention.  

Vaccine Breakthrough: First 24 Hours of HIV Infection Could Be The Key

New study on monkeys shows HIV is at its weakest right after transmission.

7 Ways to Have Safer Sex

There is more than one way to protect yourself.


Why Michigan's LGBT Newspaper Launched Its Own HIV Testing and Prevention Initiative

With HIV continuing, in the US, to disproportionately impact gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men as well as transwomen, Michigan's Between The Lines newspaper decided to launch it's own HIV testing and prevention initiative. Here's why we did it.

The Missing Link in the HIV Debate: Post-Exposure Prophylaxis?

Why do we resist believing that people can learn when to take a pill and when not to?


WATCH: Cheeky Video Explains PEP with Pizzazz

This adorable animated video about PEP will bring you back to your Schoolhouse Rock days.