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After recently defending dishonest political ads, the Facebook cofounder's company then denies PrEP ads for being "too political."

November 01 2019 2:24 PM

Doctors recommend even more monitoring for pregnant women living with HIV.

October 23 2019 5:00 AM

Research shows that some cities may see an end to the epidemic in the next decade.

October 16 2019 5:00 AM

If we're going to end the HIV epidemic in 10 years, we're going to need a youth revolution. 

10:56 AM

The state is the first in the nation to expand access this way, something advocates say is key for rural and minority populations.

October 08 2019 6:16 PM

Look out Truvada, there are now two drugs on the market that make it virtually impossible to contract HIV. Is a future without the virus edging closer? 

October 03 2019 6:16 PM

The new study is the first of its kind to examine at-risk factors often ignored by medical professionals. 

September 30 2019 12:08 PM