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Canada Has Some of the Highest Mpox Rates in the World

According to WHO, Canada is among 10 countries that have reported the highest cumulative number of mpox cases.

After-Sex Pill Could Reduce STIs for Gay Men & Trans Women

A low dose of an antibiotic could decrease some STIs affecting gay and bisexual men and transgender women.

Syphilis Has Increased 128% Among Women in Houston Since 2019

Experts say it's especially vital for pregnant women to get tested for the treatable but potentially life-threatening STI.

Human Rights Campaign Data Shows Racial Disparities in Mpox Treatment

Only one tenth of Black people received treatment, despite accounting for one third of all new mpox cases.

Dissolvable Strips Made With Tobacco May Fight HIV, STIs

Tests are ongoing on the strips, which also function as contraceptives.

Mpox is Almost Gone in the U.S., Leaving Lessons and Mysteries in its Wake

The U.S. public health emergency declaration for mpox (monkeypox) ends today. 

First Cases of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Identified in the U.S.

Though only two cases of the new strain have been identified so far, it raises concerns of future outbreaks. 

Doctors Haven't Seen So Many Cases of This STD in 72 Years

A new report shows an explosion in several sexually transmitted diseases.

This Gay Nurse Joins Many Others Now Sharing Their Monkeypox Stories

Brian Thomas loved his Florida trip. Then the blisters appeared.

2022's Monkeypox Outbreak: Everything You Need to Know

The growing outbreak has many worried — especially gay and bi men, who've been the most affected so far. Here are the facts.

High Demand Complicates Monkeypox Vaccine Rollout in NYC

With new cases on the rise among gay and bi men, vaccine demands are already outweighing supply in the area.

Gay Gatherings in Spain Being Blamed for Monkeypox Outbreak

Some experts are saying a gay pride event could be the possible source of the recent outbreak of cases in Europe.

What the Heck is Vaginal Thrush (or Vaginal Candidas)?

The 101 on this common condition and how to treat it.

What is Oral Thrush or Candidas?

Here’s what you need to know to identify, treat, and prevent oral yeast infections.

Meningococcal Disease Spikes in Florida

Do you need to get vaccinated for this treatable but potentially serious disease?

How is HIV Impacting Young People in 2022?

The latest stats on young people and HIV are startling.

What Is Anal Thrush or Candidas?

Here’s what you need to know to identify, treat, and prevent anal yeast infections.

Study Finds High Prevalence of Syphilis in Men Who Have Sex With Men

The first global study of syphilis in MSM finds high prevalence that the World Health Organization calls unacceptable. 

CDC: 1 in 5 People in the U.S. Have an STI

New estimates show the large toll of sexually transmitted infections.

Report: Current Pandemic May Be Fueling Syphilis, Chlamydia Outbreaks

The STD/STI outbreaks may have little to do with a supposed shortage of condoms.