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Switching Meds

New HIV Treatment Option Greenlit

The FDA expanded approval of ViiV Healthcare's Dovato, making it available to HIV-positive people not new to treatment.

Is a Two-Drug Treatment Right for You?

A single tablet containing the drugs dolutegravir and lamivudine continues to show long-term efficacy.

FDA Expands Indication For HIV Drugs Desltrigo and Pifeltro

The two Merck drugs showed promising results after the DRIVE-SHIFT trial. 

Switching Class Inhibitors Might Save Your Life

A simple move from one class of inhibitor to another could decrease your risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

The Last Survivor From One AIDS Clinical Trial Dies At 62

Activist Jim Chud lived with HIV for decades. Before his death, he open up with Plus about the AIDS crisis, future of HIV, and what he's learned. 

Our 5th Annual HIV Treatment Guide

Our most up-to-date and comprehensive look at the medications approved by the Food And Drug Administration for the treatment of HIV and related conditions.

2016 Complete HIV Treatment Guide

Plus offers a comprehensive look at the medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of HIV and opportunistic infections as well as a state-by-state map of drug assistance programs plus info on complementary therapies and drug trials, all in a downloadable form.

More Evidence New Life-Saving Injectable Fights Multi-Drug Resistant HIV

The company anticipates rolling out the new medication in 2017.

New Hope in Fighting Multi-Drug Resistant HIV

New, long acting-injectable HIV meds offer hope for those with multi-drug resistant strains of the disease.

Drug Resistance 101

Everything you need to know about antiretroviral resistance, how it happens, and how to combat it.

Yes, These Injectables Work Better Than Pills

A monthly injectable treatment could change what it means to be HIV-positive.  

Kaposi Sarcoma Scared Me Back to My HIV Treatment

This long-term survivor was the last person you'd imagine going off treatment — but he did. Here's what happened next.

5 Reasons it Might Be Time to Switch Meds

When it comes to your HIV treatment, not all pills are created equally.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I’ve been on the same HIV medications for nearly  a decade. Is it time to switch?

Time to Reboot

I’m finally admitting I’m the reason my meds aren’t working. 

Don't Sweat a Switch