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The height of AIDS as viewed through a young person’s eyes

A recent exhibit brought to life the memories of a gay artist who grew up amid tragedy.

What to Know About 2023's HIV is Not a Crime Awareness Day

The second annual event aims to decriminalize HIV entirely.

Drag Race UK's Cheddar Gorgeous Auctions Iconic ACT UP Look for Charity

The runner-up of Drag Race UK season 4 is donating her legendary runway look for a great cause.

Legendary HIV Activist and Artist Hunter Reynolds Has Died

We celebrate his legacy and fearless fight against homophobia and HIV.

Legendary HIV Activist Connie Norman is Celebrated in New Documentary

Decades after her death, AIDS Diva: The Legend of Connie Norman pays homage to the fierce trans activist who was ahead of her time. 

The Memoir We've Been Waiting For: Peter Staley's 'Never Silent'

"There's no way we would've gotten through that without a heavy dose of sex, love, humor, community."

ACT UP Changed The World. A New Book Explains How

Sarah Schulman's written the most comprehensive political history ever assembled of ACT UP and AIDS activism in the U.S.

Cynthia Nixon Says 2020 Looks Like the Early Days of the AIDS Epidemic

The out actress, activist, and politician says we're locked in a similar fight for our lives.

Ann Northrop Looks Back On The Crucial Role Women Played in ACT UP

Northrop, a longtime activist, on what we can learn from the last three decades of ACT UP.

After Three Decades, Our Work to End HIV Isn't Over

ACT UP lays out what the future of HIV/AIDS looks like as we continue to make strides, but still have much work remaining as we enter our fourth decade of fighting. 

ACT UP Had a Diversity Problem. Should 'Pose' Correct It?

While the hit series is groundbreaking for its inclusion of trans women of color, the true story of ACT UP isn't as progressive. 

Dua Lipa's 'Swan Song' Inspired by ACT UP

The young pop icon sings "staying silent’s the same as dying," and tweets that the song was inspired by the motto "Silence = Death."

From MLK Jr. to ACT-UP to Pussy Hats

The call to activism is as real today as its always been, only the tools have changed.

Saving the Stories of San Francisco's ACT UP Heroes

A new oral history project will not only preserve voices of the '80s, it will help train the next generation of advocates.

Ship Your Ashes to Your Republican of Choice

Activists are planning die-ins across the country to try to keep the Affordable Care Act alive.

ACT UP Marches On 30 Years Later

Members of the community honored 30 years of ACT UP with a march and rally.

Lessons Learned: Silence Still Equals Death

The AIDS crisis offers a blueprint for LGBT people fearing a hostile administration.

The AIDS Activist Project: Portraits & Stories, 1989-1998

A  photography book by Bill Bytsura documents the people behind the AIDS activist movement. 

ACT UP/NY Stages Die-In and Hackathon

Once symbolic of AIDS activism, this die-in was meant to make younger generations of the LGBT community aware that AIDS is still a present-day issue, not an event that can be presented as past history.