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African-American HIV Awareness Month

Starbucks unveils Black History Month cup collection

Artist Damon Brown's vibrant drinkware collaboration with Starbucks celebrates Black culture and raises funds for the community.

What to Know for This Year’s National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

This year’s theme is “Together…We Can Make HIV Black History!”

On National Black HIV/AIDS Day, rIVerse's Dizz Speaks His Truth

Receiving his diagnosis in September provided an opportunity for reflection and forgiveness for the singer.

To Be Black and Live With HIV

Young African-American leaders recently shared their own stories of living positively.

Thriving in a Hostile Environment on Black HIV Awareness Day

Living well in this stressful time could be a beautiful act of protest.

WATCH: Teen & Grandma Battle HIV and Ignorance in the Rural South

What do you do when your county doesn't even have a doctor?

Watch: Founder of Black, Gay-Friendly Frat Wants You to Just Do It

Brandon Dykes is "doing it," and encouraging others to do it too.  Get tested for HIV.

Increased HIV Testing Leads to Faster Linkage to Care For Black Women

New CDC study demonstrates the importance of HIV testing to prevention and long term health outcomes.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Gay Black Men Lead the Way

On this special day, Counter Narrative Project's Johnnie Kornegay reminds us that "We're still here."

Elton John AIDS Foundation Blames Racism for High Rates of HIV Among African-Americans

David Furnish, husband of the famed singer and chairman of the foundation, speaks out about the impact of racism and discrimination on the fight against HIV.

5 Reasons Why Black People Are More Affected by HIV

Ashley Innes gives her take on why black people continue to be more at-risk for HIV in the U.S. 

Helping Black Churches End HIV Stigma

The Balm in Gilead works to educate and activate religious leaders to become the first line of defense in the fight against HIV and AIDS in African-American communities and abroad in Africa.

Couples Therapy

Turning intimacy into intervention for African-American couples.

HIV on Black College Campuses

How historically black colleges and universities are trying to stop the spread of HIV at their schools and beyond.


Is This the Best Music Video About HIV Ever?

With "My Melody," off their debut album, Nico & Vinz once again use their art to carry a message by highlighting stories of the those living with HIV and AIDS intertwined with contemplative rhythms, all in hopes of humanizing their experiences. 

Why You Should Pick a Doctor and Stick With 'Em

New numbers back up what doctors have long told us: clinic hopping is bad for your health.


What's Really Behind the High HIV Rates for Black Gay Men?

Forget about all the stereotypes and misconceptions. One possible reason for the escalating rates might just surprise you.


WATCH: Young and Poz Hydeia Broadbent Talk to Oprah

The girl we met on a Nickelodeon special 21 years ago is still fighting HIV stigma. We spoke with Hydeia Broadbent last year and last week so did Oprah: Where Are They Now? Here is a video clip and her HIV Plus interview.



A Black Womans Guide to Dating With HIV

Dating is tough in general, but being a woman who is HIV-positive presents a whole host of unique questions and issues. We answer some of your most pressing relationship questions, from dating to marriage to babies.


Is the Worst Behind Us For Black Women?

HIV infections finally drop significantly among African-American women, but this is no time to stop fighting.