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World AIDS Day 2022: What is the Current Global State of HIV?

This World AIDS Day, look outside your own experience and see that HIV remains an emergency in much of the world. 

The GOP Is Targeting People With HIV. Imagine if They Had More Power

The far right’s move to restrict PrEP access in Texas will only hurt the Latinx community — and eventually, everyone. We must act at the polls.

Juneteenth is Something Every American Should Reflect Upon

The ripple effect of this country's violent past is still making waves to this day. But despite it all, Black folks persevere.

Still She Rises: Celebrating the Strength of Black Women

Whether fighting racism, misogyny, or HIV, Black women have always persevered in the face of adversity.

One Woman Shares Her Journey of Living with HIV for Over Three Decades

Honoring long-term survivor Kathy Bennett on National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

Commentary: Greg Abbott Doesn't Care About Trans Kids

This HIV advocate has something to say to the Texas governor about his anti-trans legislature. 

A Love Letter to Black People on National Black HIV Awareness Day

Our resilience has guided us through slavery, Jim Crow, and HIV.

What Does World AIDS Day Mean in a Post-Pandemic World?

This year’s World AIDS Day corresponds with a backsliding of progress, mostly thanks to COVID-19. There is still reason for optimism, though. 

Listen to the Lessons of a Long-term Survivor of HIV

Phill Wilson on living through dual pandemics.

Poz, Female, Trans, Queer: All Black Lives Matter

Don’t disregard poz, queer, trans, and cisgender Black women in the movement for racial justice and equality.

Ladies Lets Get in Formation on HIV Prevention

Ashley Innes goes in on Beyoncé, black empowerment, and what it means for HIV prevention. 

5 Reasons Why Black People Are More Affected by HIV

Ashley Innes gives her take on why black people continue to be more at-risk for HIV in the U.S.