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The government failed on mpox. Ritchie Torres's new bill addresses that

A new report highlights significant flaws in the federal handling of the mpox outbreak, emphasizing the need for a more unified response system to tackle future public health emergencies.

Feds Sue Tennessee for Targeting Sex Workers With HIV

The Justice Department says the state is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Meet the young Black heroes fighting for PrEP access at HBCUs

While the HIV prevention drug is common among white, affluent, urban gays, a new team is ensuring access across color lines.

Forcing Companies to Cover PrEP Violates Religious Freedom, Antigay Judge Rules

A conservative judge ruled that requiring companies to pay for PrEP as part of the Affordable Care Act violates the rights of those who object to LGBTQ+ people.

Antigay Texas Judge: PrEP Coverage Violates Religious Freedom

The district judge ruled Wednesday that requiring insurance companies to cover medications to prevent HIV transmission is a violation of religious rights.

First U.S. Monkeypox-Related Death Reported in Texas

Officials say fatal cases are extremely rare and the Texas patient was "severely immunocompromised."

Biden Administration Outlines Measures to End HIV by 2030

The plan calls for an increase in testing, education, and access to PrEP at a time when those are endangered.

See How the Monkeypox Vaccine Rollout Went at Charlotte Pride

North Carolina health officials became the first to implement a new Health and Human Services pilot program to provide monkeypox vaccines to those at risk.

Far-Right's 'Morality War' Now Has Its Sights Set on PrEP Access

First, there were attacks on trans rights and marriage equality, then the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and now they're coming for PrEP. Are HIV meds next?

La 'Guerra Moral' de la Extrema Derecha Ahora Tiene la Vista Puesta en el Acceso a la PrEP

Primero, hubo ataques a los derechos de las personas trans y la igualdad en el matrimonio, luego la anulación de Roe v. Wade, y ahora vienen por la PrEP. ¿Son siguientes los medicamentos para el VIH?

Monkeypox Recovery Requires Early Detection and Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment of MPV and other communicable infections is key, as these two very different cases prove.

Study: Some With Monkeypox May Show Zero Symptoms

Researchers believe they have found evidence that MPV can be asymptomatic in some people, indicating that current containment measures may be insufficient. 

Monkeypox Sufferer's Roommate Forced Into Quarantine

Many countries are struggling with protocols as the outbreak grows.

White House Declares Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency

Health and Human Services are saying the MPV outbreak is now a public health emergency. What does this mean?