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HIV testing

Grindr Users: Here's How to Get a Free HIV Test Kit

The Centers for Disease Control thinks it can cut down on transmissions by teaming with the infamous hook-up app.

How Conquering Fear Can Help You Achieve Your Long-Term HIV Goals

Watch New York native Craig Washington discuss his experience with fear and not letting it control his HIV diagnosis. 

Finding Hope This National HIV Testing Day

Why this gay man living with HIV is feeling optimistic about the disease's trajectory.

HIV Testing is Self-Care: Take Care of You and Others Too!

National HIV Testing Day reminds us that knowing one’s status can make a happier, healthier world for all.

Troye Sivan Battles HIV Stigma In New Coming of Age Movie

Three Months premieres February 23 on Paramount Plus.

At-Home HIV and STI Tests to Be Covered by Insurance in California

State health officials hope doing so will help combat the STI epidemic that has continued to grow during the Covid-19 crisis.

Would You Take an HIV Test at Home?

An LGBTQ+ organization plans to distribute thousands of testing kits.

'Outbreak' of HIV, Syphilis in Minnesota

The Duluth area reported a disturbing rise in new cases of HIV and syphilis.

Staggering Drop in Washington, D.C.'s HIV Infections

The nation's capital is making progress in battling HIV, even if the city's Black population remains disproportionately affected.

Your HIV Testing Day Resources Are Here

This year's theme for HIV Testing Day is "Knowing."

Homelessness And Income Inequality Are Driving HIV Rates in Portland

Homelessness, income inequality, and addiction have fueled the dangerous uptick of STIs in the area — including a spike in HIV diagnoses.

Karamo Brown: 'Lead With Love' On National HIV Testing Day

The former Plus cover star recently partnered with Marriott for its #LoveTravels campaign. 

Listen: Nigeria's Underground Gay Parties Emphasize HIV Testing

Attacked by a mob, gay, HIV activist Edafe Okporo fled Nigeria. Listen as he talks about being gay in a country where it is illegal and HIV stigma is huge.

When Your First Kiss Includes HIV

Not the third wheel you anticipated.

WATCH: The HIV Crisis on the Texas-Mexico Border

The Rio Grande Valley has been at the frontline of an HIV epidemic affecting increasing numbers of young, queer, Latino men.

'New York Times' To Condoms: Drop Dead

A peculiarly worded Op-Ed talks about disappearing condom use and causes a stir among HIV activists.

HIV Skyrockets Among Young Adults in Fresno

Something must be done, now. Starting with education and regular testing.

Getting Right, Part 4: An Addict Wakes Up

Getting Right, Part 4: An Addict Wakes Up

Getting Right, Part 3: Treatment Options

In 2015 Austin, Indiana experienced one of the largest HIV outbreaks in US history, spread almost entirely by needle-sharing.