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WATCH: My Advice to Anyone Who is Newly Diagnosed With HIV

In this episode of My HIV Journey, poz activist Aaron Laxton gives an overview of what someone just diagnosed with HIV will encounter.

WATCH: Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey: "Day 125 - Hope Is All You Have"

125 days since being diagnosed with HIV, it’s visible in this video that Aaron Laxton is feeling the tolls of his diagnosis.

WATCH: My Advice for Positive People Who Want to Hook Up

On this episode of My HIV Journey, Aaron Laxton offers a viewer advice on hooking up and playing it safe.

WATCH: How To Understand Your HIV Lab Tests

On this episode of Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey, he talks about his own blood tests every 3 to 6 months to see how well he's respond to the HIV treatment and what's in store for you.

WATCH: My HIV Journey Day 106: Dirty Talk, Inspiration, and Sex Kits

After browsing through a couple of social sites, vlogger Aaron Laxton notices the problematic language of asking someone about their diagnosis, by asking, “Are you dirty?”

WATCH: It's 101 Days Since My HIV Diagnosis

In this week's episode of My HIV Journey, Aaron Laxton realizes a supplement he's taken with Atripla may have caused his period of depression.

WATCH: My HIV Journey Day 95: HIV, Atripla, and Depression

Aaron Laxton shows a part of himself that is different to his usual upbeat personality in his videos.

WATCH: Aaron Laxton: "How Do You Cope With Your HIV Diagnosis?"

At 91 days after his diagnosis, Aaron Laxton pondered this question because his own diagnosis began to hover over his head.

Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey: "Day 79 Viral Load"

At this stage Aaron Laxton has been on his HIV antiretroviral medication, Atripla, for 8 weeks and reports that his lab results show a successful decrease in his viral load.

Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey: "Financial Considerations of HIV"

The vlogger focuses on a crucial aspect of being diagnosed with HIV: how to pay for medicine, labs, and doctors visits.

Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey: "HIV, Sex and Dating"

Aaron Laxton delves into the question: Does your sex life end because of a diagnosis that you are HIV positive?

Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey: "49 Days Since Diagnosis"

After 49 days since diagnosis and 3 weeks on medication, Laxton shares how the Atripla affects him now.

Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey: "Going Back to Work"

Laxton talks about going back to work for the first time since being diagnosed and reflects on his speech that he gave about HIV at a youth conference.

Aaron Laxton's My HIV Journey: "Day 9 Reaction to Atripla"

Aaron’s rash caused by taking the HIV medication known as Atripla has gotten worse.