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Corticosteroids Can Cause Stribild and Tybost Drug Resistance

FDA updates prescribing information on two HIV meds after corticosteroids are shown to reduce effectiveness and increase drug resistance.

Ship Your Ashes to Your Republican of Choice

Activists are planning die-ins across the country to try to keep the Affordable Care Act alive.

Donor Cells After Transplant May Not be the Only Cure for HIV

Researchers study patients to find cure for HIV that reaches beyond bone marrow transplant recipients.

Oprah Winfrey Stars in Two Films That Address HIV

Oprah stars in two films that observe the impact of HIV on the black community.

HIV Positive Russian Seeks Asylum; Challenges Trump Immigration Ban

Denis Davydov is the first HIV positive gay man to seek Asylum in the United States whose health is at risk from being detained for over a month now.

Dr. Mark Wainberg, Pioneering HIV Research Doctor, Dies at 71 Years Old

Dr. Mark Wainberg, microbiologist and creator of 3TC passed away and left a legacy of advocacy behind for other passionate scientists, researchers, and activists to follow.



Helping Women Living with HIV Is a Priority

Rates of HIV among African American women is still high and roughly 68 percent of women living with HIV rely on Medicaid for at least part of their medical care — cuts in the program will affect them most.

Separate But Not Equal

How teaching hospitals fail people of color.

Black Women and Sexual Health Leads to Happiness and Joy

When black women discuss their issues with each other, we can change the course of history. 

Hep C Rates Are Rampant Among Baby Boomers, and The Poorest Suffer Most

Hepatitis C rates are high in urban communities and states like New Jersey. And while cures are available, treatment costs are too much to handle. 

GOP Says Poor People Need to Choose: Health Insurance or a Smart Phone?

Apparently we now have to choose to either live with a cell phone, or not live at all. Ask this Republican. 

New Stem Therapy Offers Hope of HIV Remission

A man who received a bone marrow transplant had a subsequent remission of HIV-related health issues and has now been found to be undetectable as well. 

How Will Trump's Gag Order Impact Global HIV Initiatives?

Don't be fooled. Trump's gag order is effecting more than just abortion services — it's having a large impact on those living with HIV around the world.