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Why it's Time to Deconstruct the Mythical 'Bisexual Bridge' to HIV Infection

Bisexual men have long been saddled with a 'down low' mythology and an enduring stigma that they transmit HIV to women. Turns out, this fear is a fale assumption. 


Sex Workers Speak: What Our Work Means

LGBT sex workers talk about their jobs, activism, gender, and HIV.

Just Diagnosed? Here's How to Understand All Those New Lab Tests

Blood tests are a routine part of an HIV-positive person’s life. But what do they all mean?


Can We Lure Dormant HIV to Its Death?

Researchers were able to train existing T cells to become “killer T cells,” essentially attacking dormant HIV where it is hiding.

Helping Black Churches End HIV Stigma

The Balm in Gilead works to educate and activate religious leaders to become the first line of defense in the fight against HIV and AIDS in African-American communities and abroad in Africa.

Why Transgender Women Have the Country's Highest HIV Rates

There are a lot of factors behind this invisible epidemic, none of them good.

When Sex Is a Crime

Just having sex can be a crime in Florida, depending on the kind of sex being had.

Hit the Road, Hep C

Two drug companies team up to tackle the spread of hepatitis C, starting with commercial truck drivers.

Gay, Bisexual Men See 135% Increase in HIV Infection

While overall HIV infection rates have decreased nationwide, young gay men are seeing a frightening uptick in new infections, according to the CDC.

Uganda Criminalizes HIV Transmission, Mandates Testing

Uganda's parliament approved a bill that imposes 10-year jail sentences for the 'willful and intentional' transmission of HIV.

One Toke Over the Line: Can Marijuana Help Stop HIV?

A new study indicates that a key compound in marijuana could be useful for more than just stimulating appetite and combating side effects of HIV medication—THC might be able to help the immune system defend itself against HIV.

How to Find an HIV Friendly Doctor

When you’re positive, it’s crucial to track down the right doctor to fit your needs. Here’s how to find that special someone — with an MD

WATCH: Young and Poz Hydeia Broadbent Talk to Oprah

The girl we met on a Nickelodeon special 21 years ago is still fighting HIV stigma. We spoke with Hydeia Broadbent last year and last week so did Oprah: Where Are They Now? Here is a video clip and her HIV Plus interview.



Gay Uganda Activist Arrested on Trumped Up Sodomy, HIV Charges?

A prominent LGBT activist in Uganda has been arrested and detained on allegations of infecting someone with HIV.

The Great and Powerful Kelly Osbourne

TV star Kelly Osbourne tells us why her generation will be the last to fight HIV and AIDS

Jane Lynch, Dan Bucatinsky, and Lots of Hot Men at Angel Awards

Jane Lynch and Giada De Laurentiis topped the marquee at the 2013 Angel Awards in Los Angeles, celebrating Project Angel Food, which delivers thousands of meals to people with HIV and AIDS in Southern California.

Art From The Heart

New York visitors shouldn’t miss these two new exhibitions that tackle AIDS in different ways

In Nepal, Helping AIDS Orphans When No One Else Will

Teachers in Nepal offer new hope for HIV-positive kids

Peruvian Man Burns Son Alive for Being Gay, HIV-Positive

Hitler Baneo Núñez reportedly set his 22-year-old son on fire when he learned his son was gay, HIV-positive, and has tuberculosis.

Danish Scientists On Verge of HIV Cure

Researchers in Denmark are calling a new treatment that could eradicate HIV from infected cells "promising."