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Monkeypox Vaccine Supply to Expand by Thousands

The federal government is about to distribute 296,000 doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine, used against an outbreak concentrated among gay and bi men. 

Urvashi Vaid, Legendary HIV and Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 63

Vaid was a leader in several LGBTQ+ and other social justice organizations as well as an award-winning author.

Emilio Delgado, Sesame Street's Luis and Social Justice Hero, Has Died

Delgado was also a lifelong activist and ally who had just joined the board of directors at the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice.  

HIV Discoverer Luc Montagnier Has Died at Age 89

Montagnier received accolades and a Nobel Prize for his discovery, but his later work and baseless statements about COVID-19 aroused controversy.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Actor and Advocate Billy Porter

The multi-talented performer and fashionista has triumphed over trauma to became one of today's most beloved stars.

DaBaby Ghosted Us, Say HIV Organizations

The rapper met with several in the wake of his recent ignorant remarks, but some say they've had no further communication or donations from him.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Pushes Bigotry Against People With HIV

Greene, known for often ignoring science, is upset that the NBA won't let unvaccinated Nets star Kyrie Irving play but let Magic Johnson play after his HIV diagnosis.

California May Allow Lawsuits Over Secret Condom Removal During Sex

If Gov. Gavin Newsom signs a bill to this effect, California would be the first state to take such an action.

Comienza por Arriba

Para las personas Latinx recién diagnosticadas, tener líderes que entiendan su comunidad es primordial.

Marco Castro-Bojorquez, HIV Activist and Filmmaker, Has Died

Castro-Bojorquez is being remembered as "a passionate advocate who spoke truth to power in defense of his community."

Can Uncontrolled HIV Cause COVID Mutations?

Several variants of the coronavirus were found in a South African woman whose HIV wasn't suppressed, raising the possibility that one epidemic could make another worse.

Two States Take Steps to Reform Outdated HIV Laws

One of the states currently criminalizes consensual sex among HIV-positive people.

'Rare Cancer in Homosexuals': First HIV Reports Appeared 40 Years Ago

The summer of 1981 saw the first media reports about mysterious diseases in gay men. What did they get right — and wrong? 

Felicia 'Flames' Elizondo, Trans and HIV Activist, Dies at 74

Elizondo was a popular drag artist in San Francisco and a tireless volunteer for HIV and LGBTQ+ organizations.

AID Atlanta, Out on Film Present 'Dreamgirls' Benefit Screening

The film will screen outdoors at Atlanta’s Springs Cinema and Taphouse Saturday night.

Biden Seeks Increase in HIV Prevention Funds; Advocates Want More

Activists praised the president's request for an additional $267 for the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative but said it falls short of what they'd like to see.

STD Testing Plummets as Resources Diverted to COVID-19

This trend could have grave health consequences, and experts are calling for renewed STD testing as progress is being made on the COVID pandemic.

Take a Peek at Seattle's Expansive, Years-in-the-Making AIDS Memorial

Four pieces of artwork are spread throughout the city's LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

What People Living With HIV Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

As vaccinations roll out, everyone has questions. Here are answers particularly relevant to PLWH.