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HIV Warrior Ronnie Grace Battling Stage 4 Cancer

Grace, a longtime HIV educator and LGBTQ+ advocate, is being treated for stage 4 liver and bile cancer.

Ozempic May Also Boost Cancer-Fighting Cells

Ozempic, as well as Wegovy, are now thought to help with obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Join This Year’s #CheekyChallenge and Post a Butt Pic to Save Lives

This year’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month encourages you to share your booty pics to spread awareness.

‘Mean Girls’ Star Jonathan Bennett: Breast Exams Aren't Just for Women

The out actor wants to de-stigmatize breast health.

New Research Shows Early Anal Lesion Treatment Reduces Cancer Risk

The large study’s results is good news for those at elevated risk of anal cancer.

Could Sharing a Booty Pic Help Save Lives?

Some sexy celebs are using their bums to raise awareness around colorectal cancer this month with the #MarchYourButts campaign. And you can too.

Ejaculating 21 Times a Month May Cut Prostate Cancer Risk

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be almost 250,000 new cases of prostate cancer this year and about 34,000 men will die from the disease.  

Can Oral Sex Give You Cancer?

A new study says, 'maybe.'

Could In-Home Tests Be the Secret to Ending Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers.

Watch These Animated Balls Get, Um, Testy

Testicular cancer impacts more men and boys than you realize, and the Testicular Cancer Foundation is hoping to change that. 

How I Became An Empowered Breast Cancer Patient

I didn't know where to turn when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I did my research. Here's what I discovered. 

Researchers Can Now Detect Melanoma At Earlier Stages

New blood test might be a breakthrough in skin cancer treatment. 

People Living with Cancer and HIV Have Unique Needs

New strategic guidelines help take out the guesswork.

Is There a Link Between Cancer and Poppers in Gay Men?

A new study shows that sniffing poppers could lead to certains cancers, but only in HIV-negative men.

Colorectal Cancer Rates On the Rise In Younger People

Experts are trying to discover why the rates of colon and rectal cancers in younger people are consistently increasing, while the rates are falling among older people. 

The Feds Declare HIV a Potential Cause of Cancer

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services added seven new agents, including HIV  to its list of known carcinogens.

Alt Bands Collaborate for Breast Cancer Awareness

A new Rude Records double album features alt bands and benefits breast cancer awareness.