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Happy national foreskin day!

The unofficial holiday is embraced by ONE Condoms, which reports that 79 percent of people with foreskin have difficulty using condoms.

Has Barebacking Become Basic?

In the age of PrEP and U=U, is condomless sex still a radical act or just an average Tuesday?

Anal Sex-Approved Condoms to Be Sold Exclusively at Walmart

The retail giant will carry the only condoms approved by the FDA specifically for anal sex.


FDA Approves First Condom Designed for Anal Sex

A study showed that the condoms had a failure rate of less than 1 percent during anal sex.

California May Allow Lawsuits Over Secret Condom Removal During Sex

If Gov. Gavin Newsom signs a bill to this effect, California would be the first state to take such an action.

Is a Worldwide Condom Shortage Next?

The world's largest condom maker previously shut down production and is now operating at half capacity.

Someone Is Giving Out Free Rainbow Condoms for World AIDS Day

Celebrate's rainbow condoms are free today.

The Real Dragwives of Prevention

With all the prevention options available today, The Real Dragwives of Prevention are here to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Research Shows Porn Industry's Reason for "Bareback Sex" Is Bunk

A new major study by Public Health Solutions challenges the porn industry's major reason for not using condoms. 

Condom Use Declines with PrEP, French Study Shows

Over half of participants had high PrEP adherence but low condom use.

WATCH: This Awesome 'Bitch I'm a Condom' Video Parody of Madonna

A sexy, hilarious new safer sex video riffs on “Bitch I’m Madonna," talks about living stigma free, and has great lyrics like that say whether you have HIV or not, "we're all clean."

WATCH: Hilarious 'Never Leave Your Back Door Unprotected' Video

Stag Condom's new ad for their gay condom will make you laugh. Watch it here.

7 Ways to Have Safer Sex

There is more than one way to protect yourself.


Oregon School Board Will Now Allow Teachers to Pass Out Condoms

After nearly five percent of 6th to 12th grade students became pregnant in the last year, the school board in Gervais, Oregon decides condoms are the answer.

We'll Never Stop the Spread of HIV Without a Vaccine

Out of 90 vaccine attempts, only 5 vaccine candidates were worthy of progressing to phase two or phase three human efficacy trials, and of those five, only two vaccines continue in clinical trials today — one in this country and one in South Africa. But we can't stop now.

Governor Brown Vetoes California Condoms-in-Prisons Bill, Outrages Activists

The governor vetoed AB 999, a bill that would mandated condoms be available in prison and would have been funded by donations, not taxpayers.