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Someone Is Giving Out Free Rainbow Condoms for World AIDS Day

Free Condoms!

Celebrate's rainbow condoms are free today.

In honor of World AIDS Day Celebrate Condoms' rainbow edition (ordered through their website) are free today (minus shipping and handling). 

Owner Time Browning says, "Whilst condoms have traditionally been viewed as a rather boring product, we aim to challenge this negative stereotype and show that safe sex CAN be fun and that condoms are still a vital and important form of protection against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV."

Browning continues, "At Celebrate, we believe in a sustainable, ethical and harmonious world and are trying to put the fun back into safe sex with our unique, world first, super thin latex rainbow striped condoms. To honor our commitment to supporting the LGBTI community and to those who have passed away or lost a loved one to the AIDS pandemic, we will be giving our rainbow striped condoms away for free (minus postage and handling) until the 1st of December 2018, which marks World AIDS Day."

You can order them here.




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