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In-person appointments are coming back — so should good bedside manner

Health care providers can’t be effective if patients think they don’t care. Here are some tips for displaying compassion.

Oral Pill for COVID Gets FDA Approval

Paxlovid ensures that adults have continued access to treatment, but is not authorized as a COVID-19 preventative.

The Global COVID Health Emergency Is Over?

The World Health Organization makes a declaration on the state of the pandemic.

FDA Revamps COVID-19 Vaccination

The government announces changes to the vaccine schedule that will affect millions of people.

Gilead Funds Research for Combined HIV-COVID Care

Gilead Sciences has backed George Washington University for the 18-month initiative.

New COVID Vaccine Could Be Excellent Option for People With HIV

A Phase I trial showed positive results, including for those immunocompromised.


Biden Says COVID Pandemic 'Over' — But Not for Immunocompromised

Many people, including the president, want to move beyond COVID, but it's not so simple for people living with HIV.

Everything to Know About the Updated COVID Boosters

Get informed before you get the jab. 

How to Handle COVID Now? Health Leaders Can't Agree on Answer

The nation's medical experts don't have consensus on how to respond to a persistent epidemic.

Monkeypox, COVID, and HIV All at Once: It Happened to This Man

Doctors are observing a person diagnosed with all three viruses within a very short window of time.

Antimicrobial Resistance Exploded in COVID’s Wake, CDC Reports

Doctors say the federal government needs to take action following a huge surge in death and illness related to resistance.

U.S. Senator Says It 'May Be True' COVID Vaccine Gives People AIDS

One of the most powerful people in the country is using his platform to spread fear and lies.

Free At-Home Covid Tests Now Available From New Government Site is officially up and running. Read on to learn how to get your household's free tests. 

At-Home HIV and STI Tests to Be Covered by Insurance in California

State health officials hope doing so will help combat the STI epidemic that has continued to grow during the Covid-19 crisis.

GOP Senator: Fauci 'Overhyped' Both COVID and AIDS

Wisconsin's Ron Johnson (pictured) made the remarks during an appearance on a Fox News anchor's podcast on World AIDS Day. 

Is Untreated HIV the Cause of the Omicron Variant?

Some experts see a connection between the high rates of South Africans with untreated HIV and the latest COVID variant.

What Does World AIDS Day Mean in a Post-Pandemic World?

This year’s World AIDS Day corresponds with a backsliding of progress, mostly thanks to COVID-19. There is still reason for optimism, though. 

Do COVID-19 Vaccines Work as Good for People Living with HIV?

The latest research says maybe not.

Do People With HIV Develop Gut Leakiness With Long COVID?

A researcher is investigating the potential connections among HIV, digestive issues, and severe cases of COVID.

Human Trials to Begin for Moderna's HIV Vaccine

Can Moderna use its COVID-19 technology to end HIV?