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drug abuse

Author and Activist Mark S. King Gets Real About Sex, Drugs, and HIV

In his fascinating new memoir, the award-winning blogger illustrates that those living with HIV can have just as crazy, beautiful, sexy, and fabulous lives as anyone else.

How Does Marijuana Affect HIV?

Researchers will study benefits and cognitive decline among people living with HIv.

West Virginia Officials Block Clean Needle Programs Despite HIV Outbreak

Political agendas are preventing much-needed syringe exchange programs in the state. 

Man Injects Cocaine Into Penis, Suffers Inevitable Results

The man told doctors he had injected cocaine into his penis twice before with no ill effect.

Oregon Decriminalizes Cocaine, Meth, Mushrooms, 4 States Legalize Pot

Voters in the northwest state do not believe the war on drugs is winning.

The Single Biggest Risk Factor for Gay, Bi Men Becoming HIV-Positive

Researchers ring the alarm on the scourge of "party and play."

Homelessness And Income Inequality Are Driving HIV Rates in Portland

Homelessness, income inequality, and addiction have fueled the dangerous uptick of STIs in the area — including a spike in HIV diagnoses.

'Chemsex First Aid' Is Part of Queer Men’s Long History of Activism

The harm reduction book is meant to give plain advice for those that "party and play" to help prevent HIV.

#21 Of Our Amazing People Living with HIV: Alex Cheves

This sex advice columnist believes we can’t really confront HIV until we get over our sexual hang-ups.

Can Methadone Lower Viral Loads?

Can a drug used to fight addiction also make HIV virals load fall?

Hep C And Drug Abuse Often Go Hand In Hand But Screenings Lag

When people seek help at a drug treatment center for an opioid addiction, concerns about having contracted hepatitis C are generally low on their list.

Meth Is Back And Hospitalizations Surge

Overshadowed by the opioid crisis, meth should not be overlooked.

Program Cuts Drug User Deaths in Half

The innovative new program impacts drug users living with HIV.

Congressional Opioid Bill Protects Importing Drugs For Personal Use

The bill will shield people who are just trying to buy cheaper, needed prescription medication from other countries.

How America Got Hooked On Oxy

Purdue Pharma left almost nothing to chance in its whirlwind marketing of its new painkiller OxyContin.

Poz And Sober, Gay NYC Council Speaker Recalls Darker Days

Corey Johnson recounts the day he was diagnosed with HIV. 

HIV Cluster In Seattle Alarms Health Officials

The potential for a larger outbreak is possible, and the state is implementing measures. 

Who Do First Responders Call For Help?

Firefighters and other first responders are at higher risk than most people for developing mental illnesses.

Can Poz People Beat Alcoholism With A Drug?

Reducing the urge with a boost of naltrexone could be a giant leap forward. 

Demi Lovato Hospitalized for Reported Heroin Overdose

The singer, who has been open about her attraction to both men and women, had been sober for several years but has apparently relapsed.