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The Glamorous Scene at Elton John's Oscar Party/HIV Fundraiser

Couldn't make it to Elton's annual gala? Here's a peek at the beautiful people there.

Human Rights Campaign Data Shows Racial Disparities in Mpox Treatment

Only one tenth of Black people received treatment, despite accounting for one third of all new mpox cases.

Tennessee Doubles Down on Discrimination After Rejecting Federal HIV Funding

The fight over LGBTQ+ rights in the state has resulted in more than $8 million in federal funding being turned away.

Researchers Test Quick-Dissolving Rectal PrEP for HIV Prevention

The Phase 1 trial shows the new method could be a very viable option for preventing HIV transmission.

ViiV Healthcare Launches Activity Books for HIV Education in Black Women

The books aim to change the way Black women are disproportionately affected by HIV.

African Nations Determined to End AIDS: Here's How They'll Do It

Around 67 percent of the world's HIV-positive people reside in Africa.

PrEP Implant May Fully Protect Against HIV: Report

A study involving macaques showed the injectable implant as fully effective at preventing HIV.

PrEP May Soon Be Even Easier to Access in California

The state already allows people to obtain the HIV prevention meds without a prescription.

Dissolvable Strips Made With Tobacco May Fight HIV, STIs

Tests are ongoing on the strips, which also function as contraceptives.

VIDEO: HIV Advocate Diana Feliz Oliva on Getting Tested

As a trans woman of color, Oliva understands the hardships of being marginalized in our society — and is using that experience to help others. 

Why Aren't More Straight People on PrEP?

Heterosexual people accounted for 22 percent of new infections in 2020.

West Virginia Officials Block Clean Needle Programs Despite HIV Outbreak

Political agendas are preventing much-needed syringe exchange programs in the state. 

New York Insurance Companies Now Required to Cover PrEP

Governor Kathy Hochul signed the law into effect to combat HIV's spread.

MISTR Partners With Willam, Jackie Beat for Chillingly Sexy Music Video

The wonderfully raunchy holiday clip promotes STI testing and treatment.

Is an HIV Catastrophe Coming to Europe?

A report finds that HIV infections there are outstripping diagnoses.

Some Good News From Florida: Orange County Shows Declining HIV Rates

The state’s Department of Health saw a 5 percent decrease in new diagnoses in the area.

Washington Could Shut Down HIV Prevention Program

The state’s Department of Health ran out of money for the service.

Meet the 'Portraits of PrEP' as 2022 PrEP Aware Week Gets Underway

New York is working to get more citizens on the HIV prevention drug.

After Doctor Infects Kids With HIV, Pre-filled Syringes Gain Popularity

An increase in contaminated needles is driving demand for pre-filled syringes.

HIV Risk Could Be Influenced by Bacteria in Your Gut

Further research could lead to massive changes in HIV prevention.