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HIV Heroes: New Series Recognizes HIV Advocates Across the Globe

In the 41 years since the beginning of the global HIV epidemic, the joint efforts of advocates, the scientific community, and policymakers have advanced the global response to HIV/AIDS and changed the course of the epidemic. 

To support this work, Plus is excited to announce HIV Heroes, a new series sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, which shines a light on 10 inspiring leaders bettering the lives of people living with HIV. 

Through a series of profiles and interviews, Plus will spotlight 10 HIV Heroes around the globe leading the HIV response in their communities. Through their visibility and advocacy, these heroes are helping eliminate stigma, improve care, identify new treatment options, modernize laws, and counter misinformation, especially during COVID-19. Heroes bring their experiences from South Africa to the American South, from Southeast Asia to the U.K., from Canada to Central America, and beyond. We even get to meet up with some of them at the 24th International AIDS Conference in Montreal – better known as AIDS 2022 - the world’s largest gathering on HIV and AIDS, to learn about their work and organizations. Their stories of passion and resilience remind us how far the global HIV response has come and the long road yet to go.  

HIV Heroes is presented by Plus with support from Johnson & Johnson. Stay tuned throughout this summer for videos and profiles about this year’s HIV Heroes!