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The Talk - Sensitive Subjects

Taking the Pain Out of Discussing Sex or Bathroom Issues With Your Doc

The latest episode of our video series, “The Talk,” helps those newly diagnosed with HIV broach any subject with their doctor.

For Plus’s new video series, “The Talk,” we demystify the early conversations with doctors or nurses that follow an HIV diagnosis. This installment of the series focuses on sensitive subjects that can give the newly diagnosed anxiety and prompt hesitation. To make these conversations easier, we asked a group of people living with HIV how they tackled early, potentially embarrassing questions — like issues involving sex or problems in the bathroom — with their health professional. Their advice is honest and helpful; their own stories serve as a reminder that we’re all human, including your doctor, so don’t be afraid to ask him or her anything — they’ve probably already heard the question (many times). Another invaluable piece of advice: Remember that these conversations will get easier every time. 

Check out the first installment of “The Talk” here and check for more installments. 

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