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Our country's dark history of persecuting people with HIV

A look back on the criminalization of HIV in the U.S. reveals its connection to systemic racism, classism, and homophobia.

These Black Queer Podcasts (Featuring Literally Zero Cis White Gay Men) Deserve Your Ears

No white mansplainers here! Just unapologetically Black and LGBTQ+ points of view.

STI Rates, Including HIV, Could Spike Due to Medicaid Cuts

As Sexual Health Awareness Month draws to a close, we can't ignore the dangers of continued health care budget cuts.

The Talk: A Beginner’s Guide on Finding Care and Treatment

People living with HIV bravely share their stories on finding care and treatment in Plus’ forthcoming video series, The Talk.

54 Health Organizations: White Supremacy Fuels Black, Latinx HIV Rates

Led by AIDS United, dozens of groups around the nation demand racial justice in an open letter to politicians.

This is The Decade We Will End HIV

We learned from our past, and now the future we've foreseen is here. It's time to act now. 

Poz Musician Branden James and Boyfriend Talk Pride

In time for LGBT Pride, the America's Got Talent fan-favorite and his musician partner offer up cute videos about proud moments.

HIV Activists Seek Expanded Sanctuary for Immigrants

HIV organizations have by and large stayed silent on immigration-related affronts to human dignity, but that ends today.

Can Homeless Kids, Voguers, and $9 Million Change How We Deal With HIV?

Unique programs turn to homeless youth, former drug users, House Balls, texting, and apps to reach underserved communities.

CDC Investigating Zika Case From Florida Mosquito

Is the virus finally hitting our shores?

Plus and Advocate Editor Honored with NLGJA Award, Helps Moderate CDC-Funded Reporting on HIV Workshop

She recieves the award at the June 23rd LA Exclusive benefit at the LA LGBT Center, following a training for journalists on how to report on HIV and the people living with it.

First-of-Its-Kind Investigation Into HIV Prevention for Transgender People

University launches first culturally-appropriate PrEP demonstration project in the U.S.

Op-Ed: Why I'm Holding on to AIDS

I don't just have HIV. I'm living with AIDS. And I'm not ready to "let go" of the term and the history it evokes. 

Meet The Man Behind The Controversial 'I Like to Party' Gay HIV Campaign

Kenny Shults’ controversial decision to tap a party boy as a PrEP spokesperson pays off.

Larry King Talks to Plus Editor and Celebs About HIV, Stigma, and PrEP

The legendary reporter turned to some experts for an intro to the state of HIV in America today.

Op-Ed: 10 Worst Offenses of AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Michael Weinstein

Five HIV activists — Peter Staley, Mark S. King, Eric Paul Leue, Mathew Rodriguez, and Tyler Curry — put AHF to task what they see as the group's failures.

Late Poz Artist's Work Explored Covergence of Art, Poetry, Activism, Performance, and S/M

An exhibit of Tony Greene's dark luxurious art from the '80s made before his death in 1990 from AIDS is supported by relevant work by L.A. queer artists from that period.

How to Talk to Your Partner About Using PrEP

Talking about PrEP with your partner can open up a can of worms. Here's how to make the conversation as smooth as possible.

STUDY: Scientists Train Immune System to Spot and Kill HIV, Could Lead to Vaccine

Researchers discover how shape-shifts beyond immune system recognition and chart a therapeutic strategy to eradicate these mutant HIV-infected cells.

#DayInLGBT Is Tomorrow! Here's What To Do

On December 9, share a slice of your life America.