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How Conquering Fear Can Help You Achieve Your Long-Term HIV Goals

Watch New York native Craig Washington discuss his experience with fear and not letting it control his HIV diagnosis. 

Just Diagnosed: How to Take Charge of Your HIV Care

Watch Texas native Dustin Martinez discuss the steps he took to take charge of his HIV journey. 

HIV Advocate Amplifying the Voices of Women, Girls, and Children

“I feel like everyone is affected by HIV. Either you have a relative, you have a friend, you have a peer…it’s just humanity” says HIV Hero Annah Sango.

HIV Hero: Caleb Orozco Is a Warrior Fighting (and Winning) for Belize’

After securing a monumental victory, this trailblazing LGBTQ+ and HIV advocate is not resting on his laurels.

Driving Important Progress in the Battle Against HIV and AIDS

The final episode of HIV Heroes shines a light on the current state of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe and Belize.

Drag Queen Fights Against HIV Stigma with Wigs, Makeup and Bops

Jade Elektra creates sassy and joyful music to help spread positive messages to people living with HIV.

HIV Hero and GLAAD Award Winner Spreading Love Across the World

His mother's love and support helped spark an inspiring career in HIV advocacy.

HIV Heroes Speak on Depression and Isolation Felt by HIV Community

Deondre Moore and Jade Elektra are fighting against HIV stigma with love and music.

Having a Great Life With HIV

The CDC updates a six-year-old campaign to remind people with HIV that, with treatment, life is good.

'Drag Race' Pit Crew Model Travis L'Henaff Is More Than a Pretty Face

L'Henaff talks to Mikelle Street about using his growing visibility on Canada's Drag Race to change perceptions of people living with HIV.

Poz Sex Columnist Lands Book Deal on 'Sluthood'

Alexander Cheves discusses how his forthcoming Love, Beastly: Essays on Sluthood will tackle stigma and shame. 

Dr. Fauci on How AIDS May Be the Key to Defeating COVID-19

A new film explores how health leaders look at the two pandemics and what similarities they see.

Dr. Andrew Spieldenner is Showing the Next Generation HIV Positivity

I AM THE FIRST: From drug user to doctor, this HIV activist is welcome in the halls of power now. 

Postcards Providing Beauty for the Soul

Postcards From the Edge is an exhibition and benefit sale of over 1,500 original, postcard-sized artwork, with proceeds supporting Visual AIDS public programs.

Frank Ocean, Kelly Osbourne, and More Raise Money for LGBT Youth

Celebrities raise thousands for LGBT youth at The Break Silence Awards

Advanced Anatomy Classes at Broadway Bares's Strip U

181 of the hottest dancers in New York City perform with an absolute minimum of costuming — what could be more educational? And it's all for a good cause.

11 Things You Need to Know About HIV

If you’ve just been diagnosed, these are the top things you need to know moving forward with what will still be a long, happy life.

Plus Issue 118 May/June 2017

This "Just Diagnosed" issue looks at the key things you need to know when you first find out you're living with HIV. There's 10 tips to coping with the new diagnosis, 7 ways to stay safe, and how treatment and disclosure is changing in Jackson, Mississippi, and San Francisco. Plus: Michael K. Williams (the star of When We Rise and Hap and Leonard) talks about why playing a gay, HIV-positive man was so personal for him. Cecilia Chung, one of the most visible transgender, HIV+ leaders in U.S. meets her onscreen counterpart and Twiggy Pucci Garcon takes us inside the Kiki scene — and its HIV advocacy work, one LGBT youth at a time.

HIV Plus Issue 117 March/April 2017

Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis is just one of the many long-term thrivers— from grandmothers to veterans — that we talk to for our special HIV and aging feature, including  pop star Sia's powerhouse manager, David Russell,  who tells us about being poz in the music industry and more.