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HIV Heroes

HIV Advocate Amplifying the Voices of Women, Girls, and Children 

HIV Advocate Amplifying the Voices of Women, Girls, and Children 


“I feel like everyone is affected by HIV. Either you have a relative, you have a friend, you have a peer…it’s just humanity” says HIV Hero Annah Sango.

With more than eight years spent working on HIV advocacy and sexual and reproductive health and rights policy, Annah Sango is a true HIV Hero. She is currently an advocacy officer at the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) based in Harare, Zimbabwe. GNP+ is working toward a future “where all people living with HIV are free from stigma and discrimination, have our rights recognized, our dignity respected, and have universal access to treatment and care.” In addition to her work through GNP+ and various other organizations, Sango is a motivational speaker and life coach, often focused on helping young people obtain agency over their sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Recalling her start in advocacy, Sango shares, “It was a time where it was so difficult to access services or access care if you were a pregnant young woman and also living with HIV.” From then on, Sango says, “It has always been about really ensuring that my peers have the right information… (and) tools in terms of being able to prevent HIV and also being able to manage HIV and also prevent… (the disease in) children.” 

While much has changed in HIV information and knowledge since Sango’s work began, “There is also a lot that is out there that people still need to access,” which drives Sango’s continued work. For Sango, information and knowledge will “equip young women and girls to have urgency in their health and urgency in their life to be in control of their bodies.”

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