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HIV Heroes

HIV Hero and GLAAD Award Winner Spreading Love Across the World

HIV Hero and GLAAD Award Winner Spreading Love Across the World


His mother's love and support helped spark an inspiring career in HIV advocacy.

At 19, Deondre Moore learned he was HIV-positive. After absorbing the initial shock of his diagnosis — and receiving love and support from his mother — Moore says his instinct was to help others going through the same thing. And he did. Starting with peer outreach and support for other young people living with HIV on his college campus, Moore embarked on what now has become an inspiring career in HIV advocacy. Moore says that by speaking out, he found “layers of shame” and “layers of weights being lifted off (his) shoulders” and realized “there are other people, students, on-campus elsewhere, who might not have the same support, but they need to know that they're still loved and that they still matter and they’re valued.”  

Today, at 27, the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Award winner has already helped the community make great strides. In addition to working with the Prevention Access Campaign — ”the official organization that launched the U=U, or Undetectable = Untransmittable, movement.” In his role, Moore works to involve different communities all over the U.S. to join the U=U effort, which is helping to dismantle HIV stigma, while also collaborating with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and countless other organizations.  

Recently, Moore played a key role in bringing the message of U=U all the way to the White House, which was instrumental in the U.S. government’s formal endorsement of the U=U movement. This milestone was officially announced in late July at the 24th International AIDS Conference, also known as AIDS 2022, and organized by the International AIDS Society.

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