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For Many Gay Men, PrEP Is Everything While Undetectable Is Not Enough

National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a good time to question why the community isn't utilizing a holistic approach against the epidemic.

The Upside of Being Undetectable During a Pandemic

Living through COVID-19 is a different experience for people living with HIV.

Surviving a Pandemic Is Often a Matter of Privilege

When it comes to living through HIV and COVID-19, race and wealth factor heavily.

Simple Life Lessons for Those Newly Diagnosed With HIV

Dial down the guilt and embrace self-reflection and change, writes Tyler Curry.

How to Date an HIV-Negative Person

Trust me, it’s gotten a lot easier to swipe right in the era of U=U. 

Starting a Family When You are Living With HIV

Having HIV doesn’t need to get in the way of your dreams. 

5 Things You Need to Know to Date an HIV-Positive Guy

Dating is hard, but dating someone with HIV doesn't have to be.

How to Disclose Your HIV Status to Your Family and Friends

Opening up to the people who love you is sometimes the first step to living a healthy life. 

How to Disclose Your HIV Status in 5 Easy Steps

The first step is making sure you're not alone in all this.

How to Fix the Misclassification of Trans Women

These women are the most at-risk for HIV transmission, and they are also the population that researchers know the least about. 

Is HIV Urging Me to Seek the Fountain of Youth?

I may only be 36, but the pressure of turning to medical interventions to look younger is already immense.

There Is Really Only One Way To End HIV

You can’t erase stigma without investigating the root of it. 

It's Not Crazy For Poz Folks To Be Hypochondriacs... Is It?

Could hyper vigilance about my health save my life? Or just drive me and my doctor mad?

It's Time to Adopt A New Attitude About Living With HIV

Having HIV doesn’t need to get in the way of your dreams, including building a family.

Having HIV Doesn't Mean You Can't Have Kids

Being HIV-positive doesn’t need to get in the way of your dreams, including building a family.

You Don't Need To Escape HIV

Shame has no place here, so let it go in 2019. 

Coming To Terms with Your Status Is the Only Way To Love Yourself

Your status is not what is standing in the way of your happiness.

How To Silence The HIV Stigma In Your Head

We all have that voice in our head telling us we’re not good enough — I say, tell them to F***  off.

Positively Empowered

You can’t change your status, but you can change how you live your life with it.

The Day My Life Changed Forever

Five years ago, I told the world my deepest secret. I’ve never regretted it.