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DaddyHunt: The Serial Shows How to Pick Up a Guy in a Locker Room

The web series' new season takes on serious issues but finds time for funny, sexy scenes like the one in this exclusive clip.

Daddyhunt: The Serial is back for a third season, featuring a diverse cast and taking on issues such as testing for sexually transmitted infections and notifying partners, while also offering numerous comic, sexy vignettes.

The web series, which follows the story of two men who connect on the social network Daddyhunt, along with the lives of their friends, received a cumulative 5.7 million views in its first two seasons. The second season included a discussion of pre-exposure prophylaxis, and the third will delve into STI testing and partner notification. Season 3 picks up three months after the action of season 2. 

The series' team had two goals for the third season. The first was to have a much more diverse cast, since HIV disproportionately affects African-American men. The second was to go deeper into other important issues that so many gay men face, such as what it means to have an undetectable viral load and how to tell a partner that you may have inadvertently exposed them to an STI. The series offers a mix of drama and comedy, plus plenty of attractive men.

The third season premieres next Wednesday and can be viewed on Facebook or on the Daddyhunt YouTube channel. Watch an exclusive clip of a locker-room flirtation above.

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