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U=U is Drastically Reducing HIV Rates in Australia

A recent report shows new HIV cases have gone down by 66 percent due to using treatment as prevention.

Long-Acting Drug Implant Introduces New Technology to HIV Treatment

A multi-drug implant shows a promising future in the way HIV is treated long-term, without pills. 

Is This the Key to a Cure?

The rare folks who maintain viral suppression even during treatment interruptions could hold the key to a functional cure.

These New Meds Are Good News For the Newly Diagnosed

New to living with HIV? Science just scored two new drugs you should consider.

New Year, New You

Need some help with your resolutions this year!? We're here to help you get started. 

Can Cats Help Combat Drug Resistance?

A new discovery in our feline friends may be the key to resolving drug resistance issues for many living with HIV.

Our 5th Annual HIV Treatment Guide

Our most up-to-date and comprehensive look at the medications approved by the Food And Drug Administration for the treatment of HIV and related conditions.

Newly EU-Approved HIV Drug First of Its Kind

The first darunavir-based single-pill regimen showed to retain viral suppression in HIV-positive people, with fewer pills and lowered risk of resistance.  


Are You HIV-Positive and Pregnant?

Despite a recently discovered complication, research shows more HIV-positive women are starting happy healthy families.

Senators Are Deciding on Your Healthcare Today, So Call Them!

Hundreds of HIV activists have issued an immediate call to action regarding the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act. 

Why Are Black Men Falling Behind When it Comes To ART?

The number of poz guys on antiretroviral therapy is increasing, just not for black men.

Treatment As Prevention Is Harder in Sub-Saharan African

A new map shows that most people living with HIV in certain parts of sub-Saharan Africa are dispersed in the countryside, making them harder to treat. 

7 Ways to Avoid Transmitting HIV

As far as viruses go, transmitting HIV is actually a bit difficult. You are most at risk of passing the virus on to someone else when you are first diagnosed. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid transmission. Here are the top seven.

Celebrate! Undetectable Sex Is Safer Sex!

Why we must embrace Undetectable Means Untransmittable.

Gilead Just Gave $20 Million to 12 Groups in the Race for the Cure

Diehard academic types might be surprised to see My Brother's Keeper and others on this list.

How Bucking Climate Change Accord Would Hinder Fight Against HIV

The potential withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement has broad implications for society, the environment, and people living with HIV.

This is What HIV Will Look Like Under Trumpcare released an infograph on what the next four years may look like for HIV-positive Americans. 

WATCH: What You Don't Know About TasP, PrEP, and Anal Sex

HIV prevention specialist and PrEP advocate Damon L. Jacobs lays it on the line at Palm Springs' Chill. 

Fewer Drugs For the Same Level of Viral Suppression?

Participants who switched to two-drug regimen remained undetectable. 

HIV Prevention Isn't Important to the Trump Administration

Many of those most at risk voted for a man who refuses to protect them.