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24 Oral Sex Tips: Because Less Partners Doesn't Need to Mean Less Fun

The CDC is recommending gay and bi men reduce random hookups to help slow the monkeypox outbreak...but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy sex!

21 Rimming Tips Everyone Should Know

Gay sex writer Alex Cheves offers advice for those who love playing in the backyard.

24 Tips for Giving Amazing Head

Gay sex columnist Alex Cheves offers advice for better oral intercourse.

AIDS Panic Should Not Be a Defining Queer Experience

A recent New York Times op-ed oddly longed for the good old days when terror loomed over every sexual decision.

Why I'm Doing the AIDS Walk: For My Mother and New York

Everyone has personal reasons for raising money for HIV causes. This is Alexander Cheves's.

21 Truths Trump Erased On World AIDS Day

The president's omission of LGBT people from his proclamation is a telling reminder that his policies are worsening America's AIDS epidemic.

27 Reasons Why You Should Date an HIV-Positive Man Right Now

Serosorting is obsolete in the age of undetectable=untransmittable.

'The PrEP Project' Reminds Us It’s OK to Laugh at Gay Sex

A new video series provides an irreverent, sexy, and funny look at pre-exposure prophylaxis.

25 Scary Hookups That Happen to Gay Men

Sex can be scary, particularly if it happens in one of these horrifying scenarios.

Can You Afford Gay Circuit Parties?

Gay circuit parties are awesome — but they come at a price. At what point does it become too much?

Age, Weight, PrEP Status?

Gay hookup apps new filtering ARE changing how we talk about PrEP and HIV.

After My HIV Diagnosis, Kink Sex Saved My Life

In the weeks following my HIV diagnosis, I went from zombie hookups to sex terrors. Here's how I found my way out.

Did Kitty Litter Get You Sick? You’re Screwed!

The cost of treatment for toxoplasmosis skyrocketed 5,000 percent overnight — signs of a potentially deadly trend in medicine.

Dude, Do You Want An Electronic Prostate Massage? You're Not Alone

Luxury sex toymaker LELO analyzed global sales for male sex toys and discovered which guys liked getting some love in the rump.

Even When You're Undetectable, Diet and Exercise Is Still Important

Two new studies suggest that weight gain can cause additional problems for people living with HIV.

Why I Didn't Talk About HIV on World AIDS Day

Last Tuesday was World AIDS Day. In honor of the occasion, I decided to come out of the poz closet. Here's why I couldn't. 

World Health Organization: Red, Processed Meat Causes Cancer

WHO has declared once and for all that consuming processed meats increases your risk of cancer—and the meat industry isn't happy about it.

Judge Rules That HIV Is A "Loathsome Disease"

A New York court ruling states that a magazine ad "defames" a Brooklyn woman by making her appear HIV-positive.

The World Health Organization Says You Probably Have Herpes

The world's leading authority on global health data just released data on oral and genital herpes. The numbers are high.

'Elastic Heart' Choreographer Hosts Private Fundraiser for a Potential HIV Vaccine

Featuring writhing dancers enacting the battle between HIV and white blood cells, Ryan Heffington's private dance performance raised money for a potential HIV vaccine that supporters keep calling a cure.