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Could You be at Risk for Testicular Cancer?

Some men may be at a 10 times higher risk of cancer, and researchers are determined to find out why. 

Finally, We're Positive About Transplants

The first HIV-positive organ transplants have begun.

APPROVED! The First HIV-Positive Organ Transplant

Johns Hopkins will perform first organ transplants between poz patients. 

WATCH: Jared Leto Calls for an End to Stigma

The actor-musician wants you to help end stigma.

WATCH: Sh*t Gay Guys Say About PrEP

Video for NYC healthcare provider promotes finding out more about HIV prevention. 

WATCH: PrEP and the Need to Stop Treating Trans Women as Men

This short interview highlights the importance of trans women in HIV research.

Charlie Sheen's HIV Quack Claims He's Cured Himself With Goat Milk

"Doctor" who injected himself with Charlie Sheen's blood claims he's HIV free because of milk from an arthritic goat. 

The State of HIV in Transgender America: Just How Bad is it?

Survey reveals trans people living with HIV face many challenges. 

STUDY: HIV Becoming Resistant to Tenofovir?

Drug resistance is alarmingly common, could be passed from person to person.  

WATCH: Ronald Reagan's Daughter Takes Trump to Task

In this video former first daughter, Patti Davis, talks about what Reagan got wrong — and right — about immigration and  HIV. 

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Risperdal Appeal

The drug's maker, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, must pay $124 million in fines to the state of South Carolina. 

WATCH: Heartfelt Video on Battling Addiction

Singer JoJo saves our souls, with help from Robin Williams's daughter, Zelda.

More Americans Are Drinking Themselves to Death — Are You?

New stats show alcohol-related deaths are on the rise, and people with HIV may be at greater risk.

UPDATE: Hacked HIV Dating App CEO Speaks Out Finally

Data leak may have left user data exposed to hackers, but HZone says the hacker has been caught.

This Video Should Help Clear Up PrEP Confusion

PrEP? PEP? Just what is this new treatment option?

Passengers sue Chinese airline for discrimination.

Three men are suing Spring Airlines for discrimination after they were prevented from boarding because two of the men were HIV positive.

WATCH: What We Can Learn From the HIV Epidemic

What we learned during the 1980s around AIDS can help us handle the ebola outbreak.

Why You Should Care About Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles will provide both PrEP and PEP to clients.