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Novel Ideas: 5 Great New Books With HIV-Positive People

From a young adult novel about being HIV-positive to a murder mystery involving a positive sleuth, there’s plenty of new literature on our bookshelves (and e-readers).

Homeless, Young, and HIV Positive? Help is on the Way

Thanks to two large donations, two groups will be able to really help HIV-positive kids in New York.

Soybeans to Treat HIV?

New research shows a compound found in soy could be effective in treating HIV

What Will NYC's Next Mayor Do About HIV?

Gay Men's Health Crisis hosts all the major mayoral candidates and releases comprehensive survey on their opinions about HIV and AIDS.

Landmark PrEP Study Seeks Black Men Who Have Sex With Men

Researchers at universities in three different states will participate in the study.

WATCH: Twenty Years After I Became HIV-Positive

Greater Than AIDS's new Empowered program — and its spokesperson Backed by Alicia Keys — works to help real women talk about HIV.

20 Great Summer Camps for Kids and Teens Affected by HIV or AIDS

Being positive, or having a family member who is, doesn't mean you can't have a summer of fun.

HIV Helps Cure Rare Genetic Disorders

Gene therapy affects children, study shows

Women With HIV Have Worse Menopause Symptoms

New research study says hot flashes, sleep problems, depressed moods, anxiety, and irritability are all worse if you're positive.

Patient Zero Speaks in Never Before Seen Footage

AIDS Vancouver releases video and questions origin of the "Patient Zero" theory popularized in Randy Shilts’s And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic.


Curewatch 2013: Could Cancer Treatment Cure HIV?

Scientists are looking at whether lymphoma drugs, HDAC inhibitors, could help cure HIV.

Visual AIDS Gallery Highlights Beauty, Hedonism, and Dark Desires

The online gallery, curated by Puerto Rican artists José Luis Cortés, features HIV-positive artists of the 1980s and 1990s.

European HIV Epidemic Driven by Poverty More Than Sex

Three leading health organizations have released a new report on HIV throughout Europe.

Virginia Activist Provides Free HIV Tests to Teens, Angers Some Officials

To dismay of some Virginians, John Chittick is changing the face of HIV testing and awareness for local teens.

Therapeutic Riding Center Hosts Annual Photo Fun Day

AHEAD With Horses is a skills-building program for children with disabilities, including HIV-positive kids.

Can a Supercomputer Solve the Mystery of HIV?

Scientists have figured out the structure of an important part of the virus that may help research.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Candidate Opposes HIV Prevention Measures

The extremely conservative Jackson has a long history of opposing measures aimed at stopping the spread of the disease — even those supported by his own party.

How Pot Could Stop HIV

One medical breakthrough shows the active substance in marijuana could block HIV from entering the brain.